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Direct speech

Vladimir Putin at last has addressed to Federal meeting. In distinguish
  Direct speech
Vladimir Putin at last has addressed to Federal meeting. Unlike last Yeltsin the Putin message lasted not 18, and more than 50 minutes.
about what Putin spoke?

Boris Nemtsov, the head of fraction of Union of Right Forces:
- About economy and reforms it was pleasant to me. And here the political part has caused bewilderment - confusion any. On a banquet I even have approached to Putin and have told about it. On - to mine, Putin and itself up to the end has not understood, as as he wants to make with the country. And event misunderstanding has not disappeared and on a banquet. Governors were sad and sad. And deputies have fun. Only Zhirinovsky ran on a hall and shouted to deputies that is fast also they same become, as governors.

Victor Ilyukhin, the deputy of the State Duma, the leader Movements in support of army :
- I do not know, I had another matters. I in general so it is disappointed in Putin that did not begin to look translation. And so all is clear.

Nikolay Fedorov, the president of Chuvashiya:
- Slogans correct, and here words about necessity to help journalists with the economic plan it is possible to regard as desire to put on an economic muzzle on mass-media. Fears are caused also by the thesis about necessity to make bank activity transparent. To make banks transparent - means, to make their state and to destroy bank system.

Edward Rossel, the governor of Sverdlovsk area:
- Under everything that is told, I am ready to subscribe five times.

Alexander Rutsky, the governor of Kursk area:
- About everything, but it is poorly reality. And anything that is privodnymi belts of the decision of problems. I therefore do not understand Gref`s program that I do not see at the expense of what it can be executed. I consider, the economic reform should be based on the financial. Now budget money is pumped over through private banks, there are no state credit institutions, and the country budget works on a private pocket under the formula money - air - money .

Igor Shabdurasulov, and. An island of the first zamglavy Presidential Administration:
- Anything sensational the president has not told, he simply and has distinctly stated everything that spoke and did till now. And if to someone it was uninteresting, it was not necessary to come in general. Especially, to be picked thus in a nose. However, all depends on culture of the person, instead of from the message maintenance.

Dmitry Ayatskov, the governor of the Saratov region:
- I strongly liked that Putin did not begin to dump fault for economic misses on another`s shoulders, and took responsibility on itself. The present muzhik and does!

Alexander Lebedev, the president of National reserve bank:
- Putin has convinced me that it - vysokoobrazovannyj, the self-assured person who correctly understands problems facing the country. It is interesting, whether divides the device of installation of the president?

Sergey Stepashin, the chairman of Audit Chamber:
- If it will be possible to make everything that has sounded in the message, Russia will be other country. And I believe that Putin will make it.

Valery Zubov, the deputy of the State Duma, the former governor of Krasnoyarsk region:
- I was on all messages, and only it sounded in correct and clear language. Even that the president has begun with a demographic situation, says that the president soul is ill about revival of the nation and well-being of the people. And if someone has not understood something, it is its problems. And on a banquet I have not gone.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma:
- He has told about what the LDPR speaks ten years. And in general after ten years of destruction of the state we have heard for the first time the concrete program of putting in order from the president. It is not pleasant to destroyers. Reaction of leaders of republics was remembered: they pretended, as if their speech does not concern. I think, the massed attack to the president from regional barons, oligarchs and connected with will soon begin them mass-media to force the president to refuse strengthening of a role of the state.

Irina Khakamada, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma:
- I have not understood a general-political direction of Russia and the relation of the state to mass-media. If the president urges all mass-media to give to the state it will be accident. The state let is better than pension regularly pays, on mass-media at it money all the same is not present. And if he wants, that mass-media were independent let will create conditions that private channels became more. Then mass-media will propagandise interests not only Gusinsky and Berezovsky, but also other financial tycoons.

Vladimir Bryntsalov, the deputy of the State Duma:
- I am glad that Putin has made priority internal, instead of foreign policy. And here it is necessary to be on friendly terms with mass-media, instead of to frighten them: where - that to feed up, where - that to buy. That at the president was a lot of self-criticism was not pleasant to me: well not gozhe to the president to abuse itself.

Natalia Fateyev, the national actress of Russia:
- I saw pieces of performance of Putin on television. On - to mine, the president`s team conducts a tough job, and to the Duma, mass-media it is necessary to help the president, instead of to behave, as governors who and remained dark nomenklaturshchikami. Even an apple now has taken of a Proputin position.

Elena Bonner, the legal expert:
- Continuous demagogy. Despite radicalism of words, Putin has not designated execution mechanisms. For me clearly one: if at Yeltsin the people have been partially aloof from the power by order of formation of Council of federation at Putin this power leaves national hands completely. Me povergla in shock a position of Union of Right Forces and the Apple wished to correct in the necessary party Putin`s bills. Normal people even close to approach to them should not. Still me has guarded that Putin the day before in public abused the Minister of Defence and praised Kadyrov. I am afraid, in this war the public opinion, and the president can betray army not.