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On envy of Pinochetu

the Presidential message to the Federal meeting, read by Vladimir Putin
  On envy of Pinochetu
the Presidential message to the Federal meeting, read by Vladimir Putin on Saturday, has left inconsistent impression: correct words are told many, but in their correct application as - that is not too trusted.

From the western responses comparison of the purposes of presidency of Putin with a mode of Pinocheta was most of all remembered: first of all lifting of economy at the expense of the free market, all the rest - then. It is known that the Chilean reforms - favourite by Andrey Illarionov, Putin`s economic adviser, an example for imitation. However, the mode of military junta was a support of the Chilean reforms. On what the Russian reformers lean?
On the one hand, has changed nothing. At Putin, as well as at Yeltsin, on a being, a unique powerful political support of liberal reformers there is a president. Not casually Michael Kasyanov in the Duma before deputies have voted for its appointment of premieres - the minister, in every possible way separated from the liberal program prepared in the Center of strategic workings out. Maneuver has gone right: Kasyanov has collected a record harvest of votes, and in a basis both the governmental program, and messages of the president eventually have appeared all same ideas of the liberals which command was trained by Herman Gref.
on the other hand, unlike Yeltsin Putin after elections on March, 26th remains the most popular Russian politician. Propresidential forces in the Duma are supervised by position, therefore political support of reformers is at first sight wider. But it is visibility.
In - the first, Yeltsin`s experience shows that it costs nothing to Russian president to replace horses on a crossing. In - the second, realisation of the proclaimed reforms can force those who on Saturday has entirely supported the program principles proclaimed Putin, to change the mind.
the bases for this purpose, unfortunately, are. They in the performance were shown by Putin. The president is a lot of and fairly spoke about necessity of reform of the power. Sense in that it was possible to name the Russian state effective instead of to characterise in terms a shame and a disgrace! (the citation from Putin`s Saturday performance).
the President underlined that talks about the democratic state. In such state, as it is known, there is a power and there is an opposition. Putin even has gone further and has declared that the opposition, and strong opposition is necessary to the strong power not simply.
but as it was found out, this passage concerned the theory. When speech has come about political practice, tone and message lexicon have sharply changed. A number of mass-media (all it is clear that Putin marked at Vladimir Gusinsky) is accused of antistate activity. Here so: in the theory the strong opposition when the power in practice faces even similarity of opposition is necessary, reaction turns out inadequate.
everything, as when - that: there is a government at which top today it is a lot of natives of KGB, and all should serve it. Who against - not the oppositionist, and simply blasting antistate element. And who the oppositionist - is not absolutely clear yet.
as to that opposition which the Kremlin agrees in the Duma the bill providing change of a parity of deputies, selected on one-mandatory districts and under party lists, with present 1:1 to 2:1 in advantage odnomandatnikov already lies. C as them of the power to work where it is easier. And for party lists it is supposed to increase an entrance threshold with 5 to 7 %. The power does all that the strong opposition was operated.
Putin in the message recognised that its slogan law Dictatorship it is pleasant not to all. And itself has explained why. If the Duma becomes definitively propresidential, and Council of federation will lose the present political person as it is offered by the president in Russia all will appear under Putin`s personal control and its special services. Directly on envy of Pinochetu.
the Full text of the Message the State Russia the president of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin to federation Council read on a weekly journal site - the Power (http address:// vlast. kommersant. ru) in section Documents .