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Americans have trodden an English lawn

Pit Sampras and Vinus Williams have won the main prizes on present, 123 - m on the account
  Americans have trodden an English lawn
Pit Sampras and Vinus Williams have won the main prizes on present, 123 - m under the account, the Wimbledon tournament. Williams the ending has won compatriot Linsi Devenport and for the first time has achieved so an outstanding success, and Sampras has beaten Australian Patrick Rafter that became it 13 - m triumph on Grand Slam tournaments - a record of world tennis.

Pobedy Pita Samprass surprise for a long time already nobody. Did not become unexpectedness and present success. How he has reacted to it was surprising. The most titled tennis player of the world who has seen on court all and everything, cried with happiness. Such frank demonstration of emotions iron Pit did not afford for a long time.
After Patrick Rafter in a semi-final has beaten out the main contender Sampras Andre Agassi, the result of the main meeting of tournament is not enough at whom raised the doubts. The only thing that guarded admirers of Pita, - the trauma of a foot which had an effect throughout last week. Sampras did not train at all in breaks between matches.
but the American has shown the well-known character and was unequivocally more strongly Rafter who has obviously got a bit tired for two weeks. The match lasted more than three hours, but, if not the rain, from - for which it interrupted three times (that each time gave the chance to the Australian to take breath), this ending could become history also as one of the shortest.
Sampras before a match has declared: I will be dangerous to the contender while my right hand " rises;. Also has simply suppressed the opponent givings. Average speed of a ball (the first giving) has made 198 km/ ch, maximum - 214 km/ ch. A result - 27 ejsov.
Having won, Sampras has established some impressing achievements. Pit now not only the champion by quantity of the won tournaments of the Grand Slam. It became the fourth player in the history of Wimbledon which won there four consecutive times (the last it was possible to whom such to it, in 1976 - was 1980 legendary Bjoern Borg). For these four years Sampras has won 28 matches in succession. And on courts of legendary Royal club he won all seven times (as much time won on this tournament only Villi Renshou - in 80 - h years of XIX century). The general balance of its victories and defeats should cause respect: 53 against 1.
He/she is the greatest tennis player in the history of Wimbledon, it could not even be compared - has commented on Sampras John Makinroj`s achievements.
Sampras has devoted The historical victory to parents, which for the first time Alive have seen its triumph on Grand Slam tournament. Having wiped tears, Sampras has got through a protection of court and has concluded the father and mother in embraces. And on a press - conferences he first of all has declared: I am happy that parents have sat down in the plane and have arrived to England: very much wanted, that they became witnesses of this ending, irrespective of its outcome. It was for me, of course, not the private soldier .
In modern tennis very often parents are simultaneously also trainers or advisers of children, - Sampras has told also. - at me all on - to another, I in itself. But it is all the same grateful to the father and mother: they have helped me to become on - to the present the independent person .
Not less family has noted the success Vinus Williams. 20 - the summer American embraced on tribunes so long, as well as Sampras, - with 18 - summer sister Serenoj and father Richard which trains both of them.
Vinus has won Grand Slam tournament for the first time. I am not similar to other champions, - she has declared on a press - conferences. - my game differs dynamism, power, speed, besides, I black . By the way, the American became the first black winner of Wimbledon for last 40 years.