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As we should arm

Dismissed general Sitnov it knows
  As we should arm
Dismissed general Sitnov it knows

Unlike the majority of other generals ANATOLY SITNOV never was afraid to state openly the position concerning reforming VPK. In interview to correspondents to ILYA - BULAVINOVU and to MICHAEL - KOZYREVU the general has told, how many money and what weapon is necessary for the Russian army.

- For what have discharged you of a post?
- I for the present the decree did not see, therefore to tell something in this respect I can not.
- However you, for example, spoke against the reorganisation of the governmental block spent in May which is engaged VPK. Then Minpromnauki has been created and the governmental defensive agencies are left...
- yes, I consider that in the presence of Minpromnauki existence of agencies puts the enterprises in ambiguous position. The volume of defensive manufacture at separately taken enterprise never will be more than 50 - 60 %. We will already never make on 3,5 thousand tanks a year. Military production will occupy 10 - 20 %, and the basic volumes will have on the citizen . Existence of the ministry which is responsible for the industry as a whole, and independent agencies which supervise military capacities at the same enterprises, brings a cock-a-hoop. Directors do not know, to whom to address.
- the new program of development of arms Prepares. But term operating nowadays is calculated till 2005...
- In August of last year the concept of development of arms and military technology has been presented to the government till 2015. There have been defined financially - economic indicators which the country should have by 2015. When the government and their president will confirm, these indicators will be are taken as the initial data to the arms programme till 2010. And it should be presented to the government in October, 2000. That is now in parallel there is a work both on the program, and on the concept.
under the concept a situation strained enough. As the main holder of the document, the Minister of Defence it do not agree with allocation 1,5 trln roubles military researches and development, purchase and military technology modernisation. This figure should be more as on those means which are provided, there will be no reequipment. That is now in armies will not be created anything new, and, will fall into decay, and the army by 2015 remains with definitively out-of-date arms. It finally will lead to change of shape of armed forces. All difficult technical systems - space, strategy, fleet - will come not simply in moral, but also physical decline.
as to the arms programme and development of military technology till 2010 we have repeated experiment of the previous program and we work together with all power structures. The Minister of Defence is not main, but generalising body. We otbalansirovali all interests with agents of national security. The most important problem - to make so that the arms obshchevojskovogo appointments would be co-ordinated on calibres, communication facilities and harmonised on compatibility. It is necessary to pass to uniform fighting platforms, control systems, automation systems.
- 1,5 trln it is offered to you till 2010?
- yes, till 2010. And we have started to reconsider the previous arms programme, because since 1996 for 2000 inclusive 23 % are allocated for it from this only that was planned. The program simply was not carried out. Besides, it has been decided to fulfil the program taking into account those real achievements in the field of arms which have shown the USA and during operation the Storm in desert and in Kosovo. They try to leave now in a technological separation, and Russia should react in the adequate image.
- military men how many want?
- basically it would be necessary for 7,5 bln. Russia possesses commensurable from the USA system of arms, also expenses for arms and military technology updating, for reproduction, for creation of corresponding stocks, for operation and maintenance in a technical condition on comprehensible by readiness level therefore are commensurable.
- and we that, and have not refused idea of parity from the USA? $25 mlrd - all state budget of Russia, and at the USA under $300 mlrd - only defensive...
- I simply say that the system of arms in Russia has the same volume and the same purposes and problems, as in the USA. And the account part on them should be about same. With the account, of course, the Russian specificity. On prospect we fulfil system of arms which should correspond to time requirements not on quantitative, and on qualitative parametres. But the technological level of armed forces should be that, that our army has not appeared in a stalemate in relation to armies of the most developed states. And that anybody will not talk to Russia in general. Especially we have workings out which in many respects define shape of development of arms: it is aircraft, it is antiaircraft - rocket complexes, the nuclear submarines, many radar-tracking systems and small arms systems.
- the ideology of the previous arms programme was such: till 2005 of mass purchases it is not spent, means are put in research and development, the technical reserve is created. And in 2005 - 2015 there is a mass reequipment...
- This treatment was given by Andrey Kokoshin (the first deputy minister of defence in 1992 - 1997.-) as he practically was not engaged in the arms programme. The arms programme 1996 - provided 2005 replacement of 70 % of samples of arms. It was a question, as a matter of fact, of creation of new generation of arms and military technology and the beginning of reequipment of the basic connections and parts. We never put before ourselves a problem: five years we develop, and then five years we make. So people who never were engaged in manufacture can speak. It is impossible, having stopped manufacture, in five years to begin manufacture of following generation of technics. Shots are lost, technologies are lost, everything is lost that provides quality and development. Therefore other problem was put: to make principal views of arms and to support these manufactures. And it is carried out till now.
- and how it was possible to expect to replace 70 % of samples with that money which the Ministry of Defence had?
- not to replace, and to develop new samples. There is a quantity of arms, and there is a system of arms. The system of arms is a list of samples of arms and the technics, fighting problems providing the decision. And on this type it was provided to create 70 % of the nomenclature anew for ten years. In Soviet period for ten years 100 % were updated almost. In the new program even more modest problem is put - to create a type of the basic samples of arms and technics on 50 %, the rest otmodernizirovat to generation four plus .
- And on it it is necessary 7,5 trln?
- Is not present if to set for myself a problem to update arms systems on 100 %, it is necessary to 7,5 bln. to make that I have told, it is necessary for 2,5 bln.
- But after all if to divide for ten years even 1,5 trln it turns out in a year almost twice more than it is allocated even this record year!
- yes, certainly. But 150 mlrd roubles is all $5 billion The USA in 2000 will spend for scientific workings out and purchase of military technology $93 billion Each new generation of arms costs much more expensive, than previous. And if Russia wants to remain among great powers it should have own arms. As soon as though one component of arms of national army will get to the category import - ammunition, artillery, still something, - in general it is not necessary to speak about any sovereignty of the country.