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In Tatarii have burnt federal districts

the Tatar nationalists revolted with the decree of Putin about formation administrativ
  In Tatarii have burnt federal districts
the Tatar nationalists revolted with the decree of Putin about formation of administrative districts, have noted Independence Day of Russia meetings under the slogan to Stop return to a totalitarian mode . Largest of them has passed in Naberezhnye Chelny. There about thousand protesting have condemned actions of the president of the Russian Federation and have solemnly burnt a card of federal districts.

last years the Tatar nationalists which influence in republic has considerably fallen, tried to remind of themselves loud actions like sending of a humanitarian caravan KamAZov To the Chechen insurgents or the organisation of volunteers for the help to Kosovan Albanians. The letter to a management of Tatarii with the requirement not to enter in republic territory " last autumn has been written; the Russian winter time which, say, does not approach Tatars neither geographically, nor biologically, economically. However the effect of all these campaigns was insignificant, and leaders of the Tatar public centre (TOTS) began to search for an occasion to louder action.
meeting of the protest against " should become this action dated for Independence Day of Russia; usurpation of the rights of subjects of federation . The reform begun by Putin the ideologist of TOTS Gajal Murtazin named step, which contradicts the international rules of law, people will, in particular Tatar, and also Constitutions of the Russian Federation . In a word, TOTS at last has attended to problems of Russia which before named exclusively next state.
Preparing meeting TOTS has started to advertise for a month. The list of its participants invariably grew. Last time the head of branch TOTS in Naberezhnye Chelny Rafis Kashapov has declared that Hindu Tagirov, the deputy of State Duma Fandas Safiullin, the deputy of state council Tatarii Razil Valeev, the adviser of president Tatarii Raphael Khakimov and even representatives of the party of the power will participate in meeting " the chairman of the World congress of Tatars; Tatarstan - a new century . As actually the majority of the mentioned politicians about the prospective participation in meeting also did not suspect, the action has passed without them. It has not turned out and the announced mass character: one thousand participants in semimillion Boats can be collected at the slightest pretext.
participants of meeting were honesty trampled about an hour on the area of Azatlyk (Clearing), an approving rumble supporting furious speeches of leaders TOTS, and have voted for acceptance of the resolution condemning Putin`s unconstitutional decree, war in the Chechen Republic, a raising of a lath of pension age, approach to a freedom of speech .
the meeting Culmination too has turned out languid: heads TOTS under whistle and a crowd applause have burnt carelessly drawn card of federal districts, made by Putin on Zhirinovsky`s pointer . To burn or trample down the Russian flag as it was accepted about eight years ago, oppositionists have not dared.