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Milosevic`s opponents took capital of Montenegro

Taken place in the past Sunday in younger Yugoslavian republic Chernogori
  Milosevic`s Opponents took capital of Montenegro
Taken place past Sunday in younger Yugoslavian republic of Montenegro elections in local governments have drawn attention hardly probable not of the whole world. Their results in many respects should define the future destiny of Yugoslavia. The convincing victory of supporters of the Montenegro president - the reformer of Lovely Dzhukanovicha in republic Podgoritse capital became the voting main output.

From results of Montenegro elections waited bolshej for clearness in a question on how relations of Serbia and Montenegro will develop and whether bloody disintegration threatens present Yugoslavia. In the world were afraid that reached in Montenegro the culminations opposition of supporters and Milosevic`s opponents will pour out (not without instigation from Belgrad) in armed conflicts, and on the Balkans new war will flash. Fortunately, gloomy expectations have not justified.
elections have passed without excesses. A victory in republic capital the coalition of the president has gained Lovely Dzhukanovicha For the best life . This success has basic value as in Podgoritse lives about third of all voters of republic. now we can assert with confidence that Montenegro will not curtail from a way of democratic reforms, - has declared Dzhukanovich. - Politician Milosevic is the way out .
it is valid, in case of defeat of supporters of Dzhukanovicha in Podgoritse their opponents for certain would declare that a coalition For the best life has lost trust of voters, and carrying out of preschedule parliamentary elections would demand. Now reformers correcting in republic will generate the capital government, and their representative becomes the mayor.
defeat on them of the local liberals standing on the extremely nationalist positions and demanding branch of republic from Yugoslavia even by bloodshed became one more important result of elections. They have refused cooperation with Dzhukanovichem, opposing dictatorship of Belgrad, but not for independence at any cost. As have shown elections, the majority of Montenegrins supports a moderate line of the president. Meets understanding it and in the West, and in Russia.
now, after Sunday elections, Dzhukanovich can easy continue the course on strengthening of independence of Montenegro within the limits of Yugoslavia and wait for an outcome of opposition of Milosevic and democratic opposition in the next Serbia. If, certainly, Milosevic does not accelerate succession of events, having provoked new crisis.