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Yury Semin: for me now the most important — game with Anzhi

Today in the championship of Russia on football two matches will take place. Spartak prinimae
  Yury Semin: for me now the most important - game with Anzhi
Today in the championship of Russia on football two matches will take place. Spartak accepts Saturn and Anzhi - Moscow the Locomotive . For the first time in this season railwaymen will act in a role shadow the leader - after all they have lost points less, than all other participants of the championship. On the eve of game in Makhachkala the head coach of Muscovites Yury SEMIN has answered questions of correspondent DMITRY - VOSKRESENSKY.

- the Match with Anzhi your command will spend as the potential leader of the championship. From the psychological point of view such role is not burdensome for players?
- about it has not come to tell time yet. After all we yet leaders. While we remain on the same positions, as earlier. And here as to Anzhi mahachkalintsy have proved: they remain the most serious contender for any command. Therefore we also prepare for a match with them very seriously. However, as well as to all matches of national championship.
- at the expense of what the Locomotive has added in the second circle?
- in - the first, we have well worked during a championship break, having spent high-grade gathering to Germany. In - the second, the big group of the injured players on which we very much count has recovered.
- whether you are in that case happy with beginners, and in particular Frenchman Azevedu?
- It has spent while only one game, and to put estimations time has not come. But level of the game shown to it quite satisfies me.
- whether you will become stronger before League of champions?
- is not present. Already there is nobody, and there is no need.
- you have a priority in tournaments? What it is more important - gold of the championship of Russia or successful performance in League?
- for me now the most important - game with Anzhi .
- What do you think of statements of some spartakovtsev: Someone does not want, that ` Spartak ` was the champion ?
- I do not understand one. And why in general all should want it? It turns out that all country is ill only for one Spartak ? No. Each command of the higher battalion solves the specific targets, at everyone the problems and consequently it is quite natural that they do not want it. I any more do not speak about their fans.
- also that, on - to yours, occurs now with Spartakom ?
- Without comments.
- Smertin has left to France, and a role of the leader of your command on itself took Loskov?
- and it both was the leader, and continues to remain it. Its game is worthy the most good estimations. We need to hope that he will play such high level till the end of a season.
- whether it seems to you, what trainers of Russian national team pay attention to players of your command a little?
- in general - that is a question at the wrong door. Ask trainers of Russian national team is better. Personally at me to them claims are not present.
- As stadium reconstruction in Cherkizove moves ahead?
- All goes according to plan, building of ground floors has begun. In a following season the stadium already will be ready, and the championship of 2001 we will spend on the native field, and matches of League of champions while, as well as Spartak we will play in Luzniki .