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Bareristka Lyudmila Enkvist has passed to a curve path

has changed track and field athletics for bobsled
  Bareristka has passed to a curve path
Lyudmila Enkvist has changed track and field athletics for bobsled

Yesterday in Stockholm at competitions DN Galan Grand Prix to track and field athletics in run on 100 metres the Olympic champion has said goodbye to barriers Lyudmila Enkvist. Her career - a vivid example of sports courage: Olympic gold it has won, without addressing to it some years after disqualification for the dope use, and last year has returned on a path, having transferred oncological operation. But to be restored after a trauma ikronozhnoj muscles the former Russian, and nowadays the citizen of Sweden and could not.

I from those who always aspires to prove that in life was not present anything impossible - Enkvist has told once. And in general - that, it was possible to it.
the First test expected Lyudmila, then still Narozhilenko, in 1993. In February at competitions in France she has established a world record on a distance of 60 metres. However taken after tournament at the sportswoman the analysis on a dope has yielded positive result. In the spring at competitions in the Dignity - Sebastjane other test has confirmed that the best bareristka the world accepted anabolic steroids. When the All-Russia federation of track and field athletics (VFLA) began to consider a question on sanctions concerning Narozhilenko - one of leaders of the Russian national team, its ex-husband and trainer Nikolay has unexpectedly declared that without the knowledge of the sportswoman mixed to it with food the forbidden preparations. But despite this recognition presidium VFLA has made decision to disqualify begunju for four years. The international federation of track and field athletics (IAAF) has supported a verdict.
in November Narozhilenko has addressed in court with the claim against VFLA. Lyudmila insisted that accepted anabolics, without knowing about it and consequently it was no by the rights to expel from sports. Suit lasted almost year, and eventually the sportswoman who has married by then the manager of Swede Johana Enkvista, recognised as innocent. However the disqualification imposed IAAF, held good. It was necessary to have legal proceedings again - already in Sweden where Lyudmila has got over. By the way, it has surprisingly quickly accustomed on a new place, difficult language has learnt almost in perfection.
sanctions with bareristki have been removed shortly before the Olympic Games, and a month before it Lyudmila Enkvist has obtained citizenship of Sweden and has been there and then included in a national team of this country. To return in Russian as she speaks, nobody offered it - probably also because then very few people believed that it can well act in Atlanta, all - taki some years did not participate in serious competitions. But there was a miracle: Enkvist has won! It became hardly probable not the most popular sportswoman of Sweden, having brought in Atlanta unique gold to a command. After a year Lyudmila has achieved the second outstanding success, acting under the Swedish flag, - has won the World championship in Athenes (for the first time on a world championship she has won in 1991, being the citizen of the USSR).
it seemed, in life of Enkvist there has come a continuous white strip, but the destiny has prepared new test. Doctors last year have found out a cancer in the sportswoman - it was necessary to amputate the right breast. But almost next day after operation of Enkvist has declared that in 2000 again will start to run! And again nobody trusted it. And in vain - it has returned on a path even much earlier, than promised, having acted exactly one year ago on same Stockholm Gran - at. Soon in the World championship in Seville Enkvist has won bronze on a barrier hundred-metre race. Otherwise as a feat its act in Sweden did not name. Something similar in sports has made unless the American bicyclist Lens Armstrong whom, having transferred operation concerning a cancer, then won " twice; Round de France . But Armstrong - the man...
Enkvist planned to extract a medal and on the Sydney Olympic Games. Alas, it will not be possible to make it to it. The trauma of a foot which it has received not so long ago, has appeared so serious that has compelled it to declare end of track and field athletics career. Two operations have not helped. it was the difficult decision. Before to accept it, I very long consulted on the husband, - Lyudmila spoke, hardly constraining tears. - after all, probably, Sydney was my last chance. I, basically, could continue to run. But with such trauma already never would show the results close to record, and to be on the second - the third roles - not in my rules .
Enkvist has left track and field athletics, but not from sports. Now she is going to participate in the winter Olympic Games of 2002 in Solt - Lejk - City, in competitions on bobsled. Also has already agreed with other Swedish athlete Annikoj Sandstrem that that becomes its partner. that do we want to achieve? To win an award, certainly. However, we do not have any experience in this sport, but I am assured that to us it on forces - has declared Enkvist on a press - the conference devoted to the leaving from track and field athletics.
sounds not too plausibly. But, on the other hand, Enkvist already has had time to convince everything that to it all is valid on forces almost.