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Parkings in Moscow will be free

But not all and not for all
  Parkings in Moscow will be free
But not all and not for all

Yesterday the government of Moscow discussed the new concept of a parking of motor transport. The offered project was not pleasant to the mayor of Moscow, and he has suggested it to add with two radical positions: to return to Moscow wreckers and to make pritrotuarnye parkings free.

Session proceeded three hours. Developers of the concept explained that capital highways are overloaded there is no place further. Thus parking cars travellers of a part of streets occupy, sidewalks, lawns, disturb to a traffic and pedestrians. And the correct organisation of parkings should bring to city budget additional means and solve a problem of stoppers.
workers of management of transport and communication of Moscow have suggested to organise new parking and to enter the differentiated payment for a parking. They have broken automobile owners into three groups. The first - working in the centre and, as a rule, not leaving the workplace during the day. For them it is planned to equip so-called intercepting parkings on approaches to the central disctricts of the city. There clients will use the reduced rate. The second and third groups - the Muscovites working in the centre and often making trips within the working day, and also those who comes to the centre for a short while. For them it is supposed to arrange more expensive parkings directly in the centre.
these points of the concept have not caused claims in Yury Luzhkov. A unique question which has arisen at the mayor, - how to force drivers to use parkings. Clearly that without retaliatory measures not to manage. But the federal legislation forbids evacuation and blocking of cars - of it to the mayor was reminded by the head of department of transport and communication Alexander Beljaev and some deputies of Moscow City Council. we do not want new complications with the federal authorities - deputies shy justified. and there is nothing to be afraid of the federal centre. We have a powerful ally - the mayor has told and has looked at the general from traffic police of Russia which, vigorously nodding, has approved words of the mayor. Yury Luzhkov has offered according to the contract on differentiation of powers between Moscow and the federal authorities to pass the Moscow law About parkings as the similar federal law is not present.
Other problem of the Moscow authorities is connected with payment of parkings by automobile owners. After introduction of the tax from sales gathering for a parking has been excellent the federal authorities. To bypass an interdiction the Moscow authorities assume, naming this gathering by fee. But such service will automatically fall under law action About protection of the rights of consumers . It will be unprofitable to a city: after all then it is necessary to be responsible for safety of motor transport and to pay to owners for a damage. However, at session of the government nobody has mentioned it.
acting with concluding remarks, Yury Luzhkov has crossed out hardly probable not everything that before was told: has declared that parkings first of all should not to bring money, and to help the correct organisation of movement. Also has made the unexpected offer - to make pritrotuarnye parkings free.
that such decision will meet support of Muscovites, it is not necessary to doubt. And here desire of the mayor again to send on streets wreckers hardly will add to the Moscow government of popularity and, undoubtedly, will encounter resistance of the State Duma, recently refused to enter this norm in the Administrative code, despite pressure from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
anything, we will convince them, - the mayor has told. - last time it has not turned out, because all these penalties for parking and searches of the evacuated car have been finished to the point of irrationality. This time we will make on - to another .
How, Yury Mihajlovich has not specified. But has called traffic police approximately and resolutely to punish negodjajskih the drivers who are calling in on sidewalks .
As a result it has been decided to bring in the shortest terms in Moscow City Council the bill About parkings and finished taking into account offers of the mayor the concept to present to the government of Moscow.