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Oneohtrix Point Never in Assembly hall
In the beginning of last decade Daniel Lopatin (which disappears behind name Oneohtrix Point Never) wrote down music at itself in the Brooklyn room, gave rare concerts for several persons, sold self-made cartridges from hands; two years ago it had the first - it is possible to tell, official - the album and it was noticed by critics. Any popularity it was not planned, but as of today Lopatin, decided to do the tracks not only during successful time for them, but also in the extremely successful place (New York in general and Brooklyn in particular), - the person of advanced electronics, and can, and music as a whole.

In - the first, in its tracks the large quantity of sendings - to kraut - to fate, to early electronic experiments and television dzhinglam 50 - 60 - h contains years, to melodies from plates 70 - h than years (but only that are issued on traces op - arta), - is shorter, by an epoch when concepts sintezatornoj music were multiplied, and its future was represented unpredictable and great; as a result it has appeared that that was great just, early, an epoch of foolish dreams and practical opening. In - the second, Lopatin`s music and its adherents - as them are ranked both Ariel Pink, and duet Hype Williams, and all people signed on label Ghost Box, and the freak of Ashes Wilson - quotes all this electronics not at the top of the voice and as - that is timid; it is line of all vanguard music of last time - it is greased, illusive, the direct statement there is impossible.

As a matter of fact, that Daniel Lopatin - an essay on a theme of an origin and essence of electronic music does by means of this music, - conceptualism. And consequently Oneohtrix Point Never it is absolutely impossible to perceive without additional knowledge that such label Ghost Box as on covers of vinyl disks it has appeared op - art, well and, for example, that itself represented BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Left in the beginning of November Lopatin`s album Replica to all other, it is enough nekomfortno to listen - scraps from a second about three seconds, infinitely repeating a joint in a joint, plus sintezatornyj a rumble there are collected. Frankly speaking, to go on concert Oneohtrix Point Never to the unprepared person it is not necessary, well unless Neta Boyes`s video series, friend Lopatin with which it comes to Russia is better, can dispel boredom. Moreover, there is a sensation that whatever front line this music seemed - it in rather interesting, but deadlock; further to invent nothing. About the same, by the way, has occurred and to conceptualism.

it comes to Russia for the first time: Lopatin - the descendant of the Soviet emigrants, his father even played now to little-known group the Flying Dutch . Sendings to the Russian and Soviet realities began to meet in foreign music even more often - but in most cases as a decor element. At Oneohtrix Point Never there is also video mounted from Well, pogodi and an album Russian Mind and interest to Edward Artemyev`s music from Tarkovsky`s films. It has not enough relation to a coquetry with which Ariel Pink and group Puro Instinct sing a song Stilyagi (otzerkalivaja a word hipster ). Lopatin nevertheless attentively and carefully looks at Russia. In Assembly hall it will be most interesting to go to talk to it about it personally.

Egor Galenko