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Police officers former do not happen

In Saratov business about swindle concerning three former court enforcement officers who are accused of a fake of judgements for the purpose of their sale is transferred in court. Last year they had time to receive from citizens hardly more than hundred thousand roubles. However one of potential victims has addressed in UFSB, and accused have been detained.

the first deputy of the public prosecutor of the Saratov region Vyacheslav Simshin has confirmed the bill of particulars on criminal case concerning three citizens who will judge for manufacturing and sale of counterfeit judgements. All of them worked earlier in a control system of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers of the Russian Federation across the Saratov region.

criminal case was in manufacture of investigatory department UFSB of Russia across the Saratov region. The criminal idea, under the version of the investigation, has come to mind to Olga Parshinoj when she has learnt that in the car of its acquaintance Dmitry Ustinova someone has forgotten the stamp press of district courts of Saratov. accused intended to offer citizens the services in legal aid rendering in courts, and actually to make counterfeit judgements then, giving out them for valid, for monetary compensation to transfer to citizens, convincing them of ostensibly positive judgement in their advantage - have informed in regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

as inspectors have found out, in 2010 Parshin`s madam together with mister Ustinovym have managed to sell to three inhabitants of Saratov void judgements. In documents it was informed on satisfaction of appeal complaints of citizens on a judgement, before recognised them guilty of refusal to pass physical examination on a drunken state (p.1 item 12. 26 KoAP of the Russian Federation), and also about cancellation of punishment in the form of deprivation of the right of management by a vehicle. The compensation total sum has made 135 thousand roubles.

Besides, according to the inspectors, accused tried to earn and in practice the citizen who has run into debt there is nobody the 800 thousand roubles enterprise. As it is marked in the message of Office of Public Prosecutor, Parshin`s madam has called this person, it was presented by the court enforcement officer - executor UFSSP and has suggested to stop executive manufacture on debt collecting for monetary compensation at a rate of 10 % from the sum. After a while it was called by mister Ustinov who was presented by investigator UFSSP and has informed that intends to file criminal charges upon malicious evasion from accounts payable payment if the man does not pay 10 %.

the Debtor has suspected wrong and has written the application in FSB regional government. The accused have been detained after the third participant of history Sergey Runich has received money resources. After the statement business is directed by Office of Public Prosecutor of the bill of particulars to court for consideration in essence.