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Pavel Ipatova collect in road

the Governor of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov can lose an armchair of the head of region after December elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. On it yesterday have informed some federal mass-media referring to an informed circle in Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Mister Ipatov has been named among three most probable applicants for resignation. Now rotation of heads of regions is temporarily suspended in connection with elections. Observers highly regard probability of dismissal of Pavel Ipatova, but leave to it chance at good result maintenance on elections for an United Russia .

Yesterday a number of mass-media referring to own sources in an environment of the president of the Russian Federation have informed that in the near future Dmitry Medvedev intends to continue rotation of governors. the president co-ordinates outright resignation of governors to results, which an United Russia will receive in their region. The governor`s case should be updated constantly - in particular, quotes Echo Moscow the interlocutor. Besides, the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukov, the head of Kareliya Andrey Nelidov and the governor of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov can become the most probable applicants for loss of trust of the head of the state, on source assurance. In the Saratov regional government these statements have left yesterday without comments.

we will notice that by results of the October internal poll FOM, appeared at the disposal of federal mass-media in the beginning of November, Pavel Ipatov and Andrey Nelidov became outsiders of a rating of popularity of heads of regions. Positively activity of the Saratov governor was estimated only by 14 % interrogated, do not trust it of 62 %. It is advanced only by the head of Kareliya Andrey Nelidov, it has met with approval of only 11 % interrogated.

In couple of days after rating promulgation, in the government of the Saratov region have denied resulted FOM the data, having declared referring to data of the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion that the rating of popularity of mister Ipatova makes 24 % in Saratov and to 30 % in area. However, according to the observers, published by executive power of region indicators also not hold out to a satisfactory estimation of its activity.

yesterday at session of presidium of the state council About increase of a role of regions in modernisation of economy of Russia in Khabarovsk Dmitry Medvedev has indirectly confirmed the information on forthcoming change of heads of region. I do not see anything bad in thinking and over a rating modernizatsionnoj success of regions, including interrelation, finally, with personal success of the governor and its destiny - mister Medvedev has told.

In the middle of October the Saratov governor has been caused to the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin concerning not completed perinatalnogo the centre. Even earlier, in August, at meeting in Smolensk devoted to a question of modernisation of public health services in Russia, the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation named a situation with building perinatalnogo the centre in Saratov scandalous . It was found out that the prime minister - to the minister still has in the end of the last year reported on centre delivery in operation. In the answer Pavel Ipatov has assured the chairman of the government that till the end of the year perinatalnyj the centre will be put in operation. Now as delivery term the end of December - the beginning of January is called.

observers do not exclude also probability of that Pavel Ipatov will keep a post. all will depend on results of elections. Ipatov promised 67 % an United Russia If will be more than 60 %, it remains till the end of term and if the indicator is low, it at first will eat the vice-president of the government of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin, and then already the president - the Saratov political scientist Alexander Panteleev considers.

Mister Ipatov repeatedly declared that in December the Saratov region will be one of the best, and party an United Russia will receive result not smaller, than on the previous elections . Following the results of voting in the Saratov municipal duma on March, 13th, 2011 United Russia party members have typed 62,9 % of voices, together with odnomandatnikami they have received 90 % of mandates in municipal meeting. However from - for the conflict to local branch an United Russia mister Ipatov has actually been discharged both of campaign in gordumu, and in the State Duma.

the general director of the Center of the political information Alexey Mukhin considers the information on forthcoming rotation by results of elections vbrosom and Intimidation of governors . It let know that if they will not provide the necessary percent on elections, will lose the places. In my opinion, it does not do honour of party in power, thus that at it uneasy position before elections - the expert believes. However it considers the future resignation of the Saratov head of region as quite probable. these governors (having a low rating of popularity Pavel Ipatov and Andrey Nelidov. - ) and without elections candidates on dismissal. Especially following Dmitry Medvedev`s logic whom as I know, the great attention gives to various ratings - mister Mukhin is assured.