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The managing director has worked at a loss

In Ulyanovsk the arbitration managing director of Joint-Stock Company NPO Lit - Prom Michael Grigoriev for extortion of 900 thousand roubles at the director is sentenced to the penalty in 500 thousand roubles. Regional court the director " has upheld the decision, however; Lit - Proma it is surprised by so small punishment.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region has informed on coming into force of a sentence concerning the arbitration managing director of Joint-Stock Company Scientifically - production association the Foundry industry (Joint-Stock Company NPO Lit - Prom ) Michael Grigoriev recognised guilty of attempt at swindle in the large size, made with use of office position (ch. 3 items 30, ch. 3 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). One of these days the regional court has left the complaint condemned without satisfaction.

a member of the self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors Merkury (Moscow) 55 - summer Michael Grigoriev has been appointed by the time managing director of Joint-Stock Company NPO Lit - Prom in December, 2010. and in three months he has declared to the general director of the enterprise Michael Galitsky the facts of illegal economic activities ostensibly available for it and has demanded transfer of 900 thousand roubles - the senior assistant to the regional public prosecutor Vasily Zima has informed .

however the general director, having agreed on conditions, has informed on it in FSB management, and on April, 7th this year in jewelry store along the street on September, 12th by transfer to it monetary dolls Michael Grigoriev has been detained by employees of federal security service.

accused the fault did not recognise, declaring that simply received debt return. The court has agreed with arguments of a consequence and, recognising fault of the arbitration managing director in attempt at swindle, has sentenced it to the penalty in 500 thousand roubles. The Office of Public Prosecutor of a sentence did not challenge. if Grigoriev has received real money from the director and not under FSB control it would be already swindle with corresponding punishment. Besides, on economic crimes at us extremely seldom sentence even to conditional terms, and condemnation of minister Prokina with this case incomparably - Vasily Zima has told. The lawyer condemned Vyacheslav Chaginsky has refused comments, having noticed that any gross infringements from court and a consequence it is not noticed . Itself condemned yesterday to comments it was inaccessible.

Mezhdutem, Michael Galitsky is surprised that the arbitration managing director has not received even conditional term and has got off the small penalty . At incomes which Grigoriev has, and he owned jewelry store, it all the same that for me 500 roubles - the general director has told. It also has explained that Grigoriev demanded money not for silence, and for fast carrying out of procedure of competitive manufacture .

we Will remind, suit Lit - Proma with the creditor - Open Company company ATL - Prom (Moscow) goes some years. lighted - Prom under the contract should put to the counterpart metal designs, however ATL - Prom has paid only a sum part. In this connection lighted - Prom has put nothing, but also has not returned 5,3 million roubles. We could not make delivery while it will not be paid completely, and now money at us is not present, and the property too is not present - the mister Galitsky has told.

It is characteristic that already after detention with polichnym mister Grigoriev the arbitration court on April, 28th this year enters procedure of competitive manufacture Lit - Proma also appoints Michael Grigoriev fulfilling duties of the competitive managing director, and in May releases it at own will. Thus in June the court considers the complaint of mister Grigoriev made still in March in which that asks the founder and the owner of the company Denis Mihajlova and general director Michael Galitsky to involve to subsidiarnoj responsibility on a debt, asserting that else in August, 2009 from Lit - Proma all actives of the enterprise " have been deduced; and it has made the conclusion that bankruptcy of the debtor is deliberate . The question about subsidiarnoj responsibility is not solved till now by court though requirements of the condemned managing director are supported by the new competitive managing director. The mister Galitsky asserts that Grigoriev`s statements - the real lie and the new competitive managing director still did not get acquainted at all with enterprise documents .

Than the history with " will end; Lit - Promom it is not known. Observers notice that in it it is a lot of strangenesses . It already the second business connected with extortion of money at company management. In July of this year the leading adviser of Management of legal maintenance has been sentenced to the penalty in 50 thousand roubles zakonoproektnoj activity of central office of Federal customs service Ruslan Dzharimok which, operating ostensibly in interests of the same ATL - Prom extorted from the former general director Lit - Proma 450 thousand roubles for nevozbuzhdenie criminal case.