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New Tsoys and Zemfir for 10 years and has not appeared. A musical observer the Spark considers that it is necessary to change system of selection of the future stars — by means of new non-standard competitions

One of these days on screens there was a new film with Victor Tsoy`s songs Idlers . It is original enough project. In a scenario basis not invented plot and not the biography of the musician, and early songs of the leader " has laid down; Cinema . Under the scenario Idlers these songs are composed by the hero of a film - our contemporary. In spite of the fact that Victor Tsoy`s name in a tape do not mention (it as though and was not in the nature), on the poster its portrait all the same flaunts. Tsoy there such what it is represented by the nonconformists gathering on known pjatachke at an Arbat wall. The picture " will be soon offered cinema-goers; Vysotsky. Thanks that live .

Heroes of popular music, people from T-shirts and cellophane packages on - former are capable to move projects. And the main occasion to experiences at those who professionally is engaged in sale of images, consists that new heroes are not present. Last who became the favourite of the country who has addressed at once to everything, is Zemfira. Since then has passed more than 10 years. In this time any of significant characters of the musical industry did not become so universal. A cord from Leningrad the adjusted part of the population does not accept puritanski. The heroes of the Russian chanson who has made the way - taki on television, are torn away by gentle ear for music of the advanced public. The rappers who closely have stolen up to stadium popularity, conservatives consider as teenage subculture with Detslom at the head, though it for a long time not so.

Meanwhile the conventional heroes can deduce the musical industry from crisis. The people, capable to collect the big concert platforms are necessary to it. Other layers of this business do not work - nobody buys CD, to sell melodies at cinema and advertising it is possible to units. Actually music has returned to a medieval condition. Bards and minstrels sing, having put before itself a cap for gathering of handouts, only sometimes ratushnaja the area at them in size with club, sometimes in size with a football ground, and a cap now basically the virtual.

new heroes are not present, and nobody is engaged in searches of talents - the rather often meeting thesis. It sounds in interview of musicians and producers, people, apparently, deeply shipped in a problem. Other widespread idea: All were absorbed by a format .

However in 2011 it became obvious - search engines of new names work, and there are first fruits.

at once three big projects have forced to speak about themselves at the top of the voice.

festival Indjushata Is in general - that old enough invention of the musical journalist and leader PR - Alexander Kushnir`s agencies. It has started to collect young collectives on open spaces of the former USSR still in pozapozaproshlom decade. Its efforts to the Moscow stage for the first time have seemed East syndrome (Magadan), Committee of Protection of Heat (Kaliningrad), It is glad also the Blackthorn (Moscow), Kazma - Kazma (Kharkov), Ivanov Daun and Work of Ho (Kiev). At a present stage organising committee Indjushat is engaged in that in the western practice name a word skauting . In general - that is work of employees of the sound recording companies - to go on cities and vesjam and to search for new talents which potentially can to blow up a musical scene. At us this mission was incurred by devotees like Kushnir.

following the results of last year`s Indjushat The musical scene has received at once some operating projects. Group Kira Lao from St.-Petersburg has let out an album on a prestigious label. The Petersburg inhabitant Eugene Ljubich has received set of offers on concert work and in December also will present the disk. At last, a debut of the Ekaterinburg group Both two it is recognised by the brightest phenomenon on a young scene. Alexander Kushnir with the Indjushatami at last - that was found by a correct mode of interaction with the industry. On festival listenings it is possible to meet the most authoritative persons of this market.

nevertheless the organizer of a forum is far from overestimating the achievements. today the musical industry actively is not interested in occurrence of young actors, - Alexander Kushnir speaks. - after Factories of stars National actors and competitions Become a star the market is oversaturated. There is an Internet - phenomena of type of Peter Nalicha, it on heels there come rappers. The offer advances demand. A picture really not so joyful. Why? Because in our industry only two gods: commerce and ratings .

the Rating indeed god massmedia. Any business constructed on sale of advertising time, without reflecting, will throw out the talented new musician for a board if there will be only a hint that it harms to ratings, reduces duration of listening of radio station or it is unpleasant to TV viewers. Nevertheless quite commercial radio station Our radio has started the project Ours in a city - a series of regional selection campaigns and festivals. The first such festival has passed in Mecca Russian fate - in St.-Petersburg. Group ZIMA has won. After performance in Peter it has received the 15 minutes of glory on a scene Invasions . And participating in reggae festival - musicians Radikkl Beatz have received the offer to act on a warming up at popular Chassidic rapper Matisjahu.

the Program director Our radio Alexey Glazatov considers that in itself competition of young groups can be quite attractive history not only for traditional the Internet - platforms, but also for an aether, round it it is possible to draw in a brain of usual listeners a serial with the unpredictable end and to connect huge audience to empathy . However and mister Glazatov is far from thought that on horizon - new Tsoys and Zemfiry: it is not necessary to expect Actors of federal scale, time has changed cardinally. Ways of distribution of the information, wide access by means of the Internet to any music has led to that fragmentirovanie tastes occurs at individual level. Everyone solves itself as as it to consume, and it is difficult to imagine the actor with universal appeal which can overcome all flavouring borders .

At last, one more loud project of this year - festival Krok - fate the composer and the leader of radio station " became which initiator of carrying out; the Silver rain Vladimir Matetsky. Taking in partners large IT - the company, it has organised multistage selection, has collected jury with persons of level of Ilya Lagutenko and Diana Arbeninoj and has invited to final show of competition of real stars - Good Charlotte. The winner Krok - fate the Perm musician Anton The Eighth, has won a prize - one million roubles.

certainly, the monetary prize, especially such powerful, considerably warmed up interest to competition, caused weight of conversations and discussions - so the person is arranged, - Vladimir Matetsky speaks. - whether the victory in " is; Krok - fate Guarantee of successful future career? Certainly, no! Events round us are replaced with improbable speed, all dazzles from the information, images, sounds. In such stream it is necessary to be able to remain cool and to continue to do the part with escalating persistence, using PR - a competition resource .

it is necessary to pay attention, as the foreign musical public converges that or at least U2 in the near future it is not necessary to wait for occurrence of superstars of scale The Beatles. A maximum that is possible, - laboratory assemblage of bottoms - an idol of type of the Lady of the Eider, the acquaintance everything arranging everything, but hardly durable, capable again and again to cause on - to the present deep experiences. However that fact that in the world on - former talented people are born, and this talent all - taki finds road to hearts of people, vrjad someone will deny.