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What for Tajikistan runs?

direct speech
Valery Rjazansky, a member of bureau of a high council of party an United Russia :

is all on emotions, a demarche after condemnation of drug dealers. But they have overdone, all looks as an unfriendly step in relation to Russia, and we will achieve justice, to protect the citizens who have got to a trouble. We serious power, and we need to force to be considered with itself.

Vladimir Kashin, the vice-president of presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:

- Me as deeply Russian person, does not excite, what for it is to Tajikistan. It is much more important, why the authorities have admitted this midges when the pilots risking life, detain in the country which without Russia would lose for a long time the status of the independent state. Be on a place of our pilots Americans, them would release this very day.

Karomat Sharipov, the chairman of the all-Russian social movement the Tadjik labour migrants :

- officials close to Rahmonu, Tajikistan it Run it is not necessary. They want to get rid of it, having spoilt relations between the countries. Rahmon has followed the tastes. It is necessary to dismiss the general public prosecutor of Tajikistan and to raise criminal trial against the public prosecutor, engaged in business of pilots. And still the chief of the railway of Tajikistan Amonullo Hukumova, whose son has received term for storage of drugs in Russia.

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