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Glucose prodakshn

“ the Transform “ - only Natalia Chistjakovoj`s third disk - Ionovoj whom public knows on a scenic pseudonym of Gljuk`oZa. From height of a today`s musical fashion the first album of the Glucose which has been let out in 2003, looks even more abruptly, than 8 years ago. Then behind disputes on what voice actually is written down on a film, it was possible and not to catch, producer Maxim Fadeev with " how much witty worked; naive “ sintezatornym a sound and surf - guitars. When time has come to give concerts, before public young actress Ionova for whom Maxim Fadeev began to write more and more " has appeared; national “ products. That is experiments proceeded, but to aethers got, naturally, things like “ Dance, Russia “ and “ the Groom wanted “. After a marriage in 2006 Natalia Ionova continued to let out singles, but was all the same felt that the project has reduced turns. The spouse of the actress, businessman Alexander Chistjakov, has appeared the real fan of its creativity, he has taken care of that kambek was as much as possible effective, and has still written some texts for songs. 2012 the project “ Γλώκ`oZa “ meets with a new album and the new concert program which removed in 3D and has been let out on Blue - ray - disks.

from the first notes of a song “ the Wave “ it is audible that sings, in general - that, the adult woman, though memorable on early records “ mewing “ an overtone remained. It is still perfectly audible that the product on - former prepares in Maxim Fadeeva`s laboratory though it is concrete this song he has written not, and German composer Gjunter Graft. And it is clear that “ Γλώκ`oZa “ Today - not only the studio project illustrated with animated cartoons, not only uninterrupted deliveries of smash hits for “ radio Russian “ but also the music calculated on direct contact to public. Knowingly together with “ the Transform “ the concert film is let out. Having taken breath after a birth of two children, Natalia Ionova is ready to leave to audience that is called, openly. However, the songs loaded with potentially stadium guitar parties, on an album all the same it is less, than a synthetic sound with dancing gruvom. On a plate has got and gopnichesky a hit “ Dance, Russia! “. When it is necessary, Maxim Fadeev is capable to be as much as possible close to the people. There is also a touching maiden lyrics. By the way, verses for a song “ Traces of tears “ madam Ionova has composed independently. And a song “ the Daughter “ devoted to the oldest daughter of the performer, it is sustained in “ classical “ the Glucose sound.

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