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The Far East has closed a petrol tank on repair

Planned repair on Khabarovsk NPZ Open Society “ NK “Alliance“ “ has caused mass restrictions on gasoline sale in all refuelling networks of region. Deficiency of gasoline has been noted in gas station networks in Seaside and Khabarovsk edges, the Amur region, including the largest cities of the Far East - Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk. Attempt NK “ the Alliance “ to create a fuel stock it has appeared unsuccessful: despite passage of peak of consumption of fuel to the Russian Federation from - for the terminations of harvest works, gasoline in the market was not. Repair NPZ has ended on October, 25th, however delivery of new parties of gasoline to the region gas station is braked by presence at the Russian Railway of more priority cargoes and new restrictions on delivery of gasoline by motor transport.
at the gas station of the Far East we will still feel deficiency of gasoline. In particular, as the head a press - Open Society services " yesterday recognised; NK “Alliance“ “ Andrey Rumjantsev, a situation with gasoline presence at the company gas station in Primorski Territory (only 107 gas stations) “ continues to remain difficult “. “ 92 - j it is released practically on all refuellings, 95 - j - on 65 - ti “ - mister Rumjantsev has told. Thus restrictions on gasoline sale - 20 l per customer - continue to operate. “ in the circumstances this compulsory measure “ - the representative of the fuel company has told. Now stocks AI - 92 on bases of Open Society “ NK “Alliance“ “ in Primorski Territory will suffice for five days, AI - 95 - for six days. “ our problem - systematically to increase a stock “ - mister Rumjantsev has explained. However, as he said, delivery of parties of gasoline in edge with Khabarovsk NPZ is at a loss absence at the Russian Railway of free locomotives and locomotive brigades. “ From this quantities of gasoline that has been sent last week from Khabarovsk in Primorski Krai, to destination there have arrived while only 70 % “ - Andrey Rumjantsev has explained.

Intense there is a situation at the gas station of the Amur region. In spite of the fact that the regional authorities promised to liquidate “ fuel crisis “ by November, 4th, in a past week-end of a problem with vysokooktanovym fuel remained with the majority of the gas station. For target the company “ the Alliance “ has received by rail about 640 tons AI - 95, 270 more tons 95 - go according to plan should arrive in Belogorsk 8 - on November, 9th. Branch NK “ Rosneft “ has received 225 tons of gasoline AI - 95 with Komsomol NPZ, deliveries of the remained party of gasoline AI - 92 and AI - 95 in total amount of 725 tons from station Suhovsky - Southern the Trans-Siberian Railway and regular deliveries (according to the annual schedule) with Komsomol NPZ are expected.

In Khabarovsk time absence of gasoline of marks AI - 95 and AI - 98 at the various gas stations belonging NK “ the Alliance “ (about 40 % of the market), has begun more than month back. Operators of stations traditionally explain absence of this or that mark to that “ factory on reconstruction “. In Khabarovsk UFAS yesterday have informed “ “ that concerning one of subjects of business who is engaged in realisation of oil products, action to signs of infringement by it of the antimonopoly law is brought. To name the company in supervising department did not become.

we will remind that earlier representatives of Open Society “ NK “Alliance“ “ warned about threat of fuel deficiency in the Far East (see “ “ from August, 10th). It is connected as with a rise in prices for raw materials for oil refining, and with technological difficulties of manufacture of gasoline at the region enterprises, explained in the company. “ Installation riforminga Khabarovsk NPZ is loaded to a limit, some increase in manufacture is possible at the expense of large volumes of additive MTBE (raises oktanovoe number of gasolines. - „“), - the head explained a press - services of the company Andrey Rumjantsev. - Such gasoline will cost more expensive, than usual Khabarovsk, produced from riformata “.

“ last years to the Far East from the West 15-20 tons of gasoline a month were delivered, - mister Rumjantsev spoke in August. - But in first half of this year delivery has practically stopped from - for a price disbalance “. “ the Alliance “ then has decided to renew delivery, despite its unprofitableness, but predicted that complexities of shipment of fuel from wheels on the railway can cause faults with gasoline in Primorski Krai and the Amur region.

Andrey Rumjantsev has informed “ “ that restrictions are caused by installation repair riforminga Khabarovsk NPZ. The repair earlier planned for summer, in coordination with Ministry for the Power Generating Industry has been transferred for October for the purpose of minimisation of negative influence on the market - in October demand for gasoline is reduced, and repair work on the railway comes to the end. For repair NK “ the Alliance “ the stock of gasoline at the expense of purchase on the party was created. However the company could not buy sufficient volume of fuel as free resources in the market are absent.

problems have arisen basically at the small companies. “ Far East factories declare absence of fuel, and to carry it from the West it is unprofitable “ - have informed in Open Company “ the Far East oil company “. “ We were prepared for planned stop NPZ in Khabarovsk, but volumes of consumption at us have sharply increased from - for the problems which have arisen at competitors “ - the general director of Open Society " has explained; Amurnefteprodukt “ NK “ the Alliance “ Alexander Gorjunov.

In addition, he has added, from - for that that at the Russian Railway is “ more priority cargoes “ there were problems with rail transportation. To compensate rail transportations by motor transport it is impossible - on October, 4th this year the new order of reception of permissions to transportation of the dangerous cargoes, confirmed 179 - m the order of Ministry of Transport has come into force.

the first deputy of the chairman of the government of the Amur region Victor Kapkanshchikov named unsatisfactory work of regional management of state road supervision which has not had time to inform on innovations. “ by November holidays the situation with shortage of gasoline of the most running marks should be normalised “ - mister Kapkanshchikov promised last week, without having specified thus what to do to owners of the cars working on less widespread vysokooktanovom fuel.