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I and my expectations

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Already also would not be desirable to remember times when - business tried to do someone whom it is not of Tani Zykinoj of show. Already there was a second album Other depth on which the original lyrics of the singer has laid down on unostentatious rhythmic grids. Now in Tatyana`s songs - other claim. She has thought up arrangements with a distinct bias in a fashionable sound of the foreign singers sitting at the keyboard. At all without remembering in vain Tori Amos, it is possible to find out set of reference points, and our singer here has absolutely nothing to be ashamed. It is a rare occurence in Russia: the musician has chosen one distinct stylistics and has well stated the thoughts, without receding from it on a step. In this album Tatyana Zykina looks the musician who precisely knows that wants with whom speaks and where it is necessary to stop. Even folk - a fatal melody on mood do not disturb me till the spring it is solved by means of jazz electrobody. Never having touched guitars, Tatyana Zykina and its musicians at last - that were definitively released from put stereotypes which in Russia accompany any singing girl. Now, at last, it is possible to go on its concerts.

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