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Inconsiderate happiness

Boris Barabanov about a new album of group Florence and the Machine
the Second album of group Florens Uelch left akkurat between releases of its two great colleagues - Bjork and Kate Bush. It is possible to tell - between two nuclear explosions. Bjork has created the whole separate inhabitancy of music, having published new songs in the form of the appendix for iPad. Kate Bush has simply broken the silence, lasting 6 years. When in female popular music such passions boil, it is easy not to notice the woman who has appeared on a scene later, than its eminent predecessors, and its deep, full of brilliant ideas and grandiose voice parts music was not untwisted with that force from what propagandised young Bjork MTV and Kate Bush company EMI advanced young.

However it was possible to notice. In the first week of sales an album Ceremonials has occupied the top line British albomnogo a chart. Thus, both studio disks Florence and the Machine have obtained an official recognition of island audience. In Australia a disk Ceremonials also has headed a national hit - parade, and in the USA there was the best in the list a fate - albums.

interest of Englishmen to new work has kindled number Heavy in Your Arms entered into a soundtrack to the third film the Twilight saga . The tremendous cover on a composition " has helped also; Not Fade Away entered in tribjut - Baddi Holl`s album. At last, public was literally knocked down by two singles - Shake It Out and What the Water Gave Me . These songs are designed under laws intelligent white the priest - music 1980 - h, in them are audible and Eurythmics, both Sindi Lauper, and Kate Bush, and the main thing - is sensation of any harmonious, wide and uncontrollable human happiness. That sensation which so often proceeds from red-haired women. The professional will see behind these songs improbable volume producer and muzykantskoj works, they are made on peak of the creative form at once many people, but in that is that and a charm that Florence and the Machine are able to drag away you in the whirlpool, at all without having given time neither for any analysis, nor for any sober analysis.

over Ceremonials the group worked together with producer Polom Epuortom who was with it in studio and during record of a debut disk Lungs (2009). In its resume also albums Adele, Si - Lo Green, Bloc Party and Primal Scream. Florens Uelch formulated the wishes to an album so: I would like, that it was something similar to a soundtrack to Romeo and Juliette Base of Lurmana. Violence plus Shakespearean passions plus a pop-music plus tabloids and dazzling neon light . The most surprising, to it was possible to realise all it. The reason refuses to believe that so sanguineous music, moreover in such quantity, could appear presently. It seems, with such extreme measures in popular music operate today only Arcade Fire and if attentively to listen to a song Breaking Down comparisons with Arcade Fire will seem quite pertinent. And Lover to Lover will send to hippie - to fate and grandiose Broadway musicals 1970 - h.

Group on which initially critics had been pasted a label indi - fate there was a priest - the project of the highest quality with such melodies, texts and a vocal for which it is not a pity the most enthusiastic epithets. Women about age do not ask, but it is difficult to be kept and not to tell that Florens Uelch of only 25 years, and a drive on which keeps Ceremonials should suffice still for a long time. It seems, it just takes dispersal.

Florence and the Machine Ceremonials (Island)

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