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Unique workings out of the European scientists already allow to tell today light about light revolution in medicine which occurs before our eyes. According to the scientists, new technologies will help to cure both separate people, and the whole cities

Physicians knowingly name November most dark and most dangerous month in a year - in November the European cities are covered with a cloudy cover, immersing us in is black - is white - a grey film. In the winter reduction of light day at least is partly compensated to that snow reflects a daylight, increasing the general light exposure, and here in November even in the middle of day the constant twilight which provokes stress reigns.

light stimulating
to Resist to it it is impossible - the mechanism of reaction to cyclic changes in a light mode is put by the evolution. From ancestors - animals to us has got epifiz - a site placed in the centre of a brain and connected by an optic nerve directly with eyes. As soon as natural illumination decreases, epifiz starts to develop a hormone melatonin which oppresses all system of ability to live of an organism, giving a signal to hibernation. Melatonin under the influence of bright natural light in which absence doctors advise only more collapses is fruit with the maintenance of vitamins, not to feel sorry for the electric power, to wear bright clothes and to walk by the light of day.

other question that scientists have decided to try if not to turn this process back then to place it of themselves in the service.

- I have been very surprised, when have learnt that to us nobody spent experiments with light, - the author of the project " speaks; Light decisions companies Philips designer Rohir van der Hejde. - it would Seem, it so is simple - to come to hospital and to try to play with light, to look, as light exposure level influences patients.

idea van der Hejde was simple: If illumination level influences ability to live of all organism it is necessary to simulate a mode which would stimulate patients to recover. So there was system Healwell which models a natural daily rhythm in hospital chambers. For example, in the mornings the clever system turns on the light gradually, smoothly changing tone and brightness of illumination from warm semitones for dazzling this world - such mode, according to engineers Philips, favorably influences nervous system of the person.

- in the same way smoothly there comes also evening, - tells Rohir van der to Hejde. - the ceiling light At first dies away, the wall fixtures modelling muffled illumination of warm summer evening join.

the experiments spent in last year in cardiological clinic of Maastricht, have shown: thanks to a stimulating light mode time of stay in hospital of heavy patients has decreased on the average for 22 percent.

- We managed to relieve many patients of postoperative depressions, - doctor Anna Virts - Justis speaks. - Depression can warn such nejromediator, as serotonin and consequently we often wrote out to patients preparations which compensated shortage own serotonina. But substance application is dangerous, after all preparations can block development own serotonina. Experiment on creation of stimulating illumination has shown that it is possible to force to develop an organism necessary nejromediator without any chemical intervention.

however, scientists are assured, light can replace not only medical products, but also surgical tools.

the rate on the diode
the Aspiration of separate crystals to light has been opened in 1922 when the Soviet physicist Oleg Losev working in the Nizhniy Novgorod radio laboratory, has noticed a luminescence of some crystal diodes which were used in radio receivers of that time. Opening became world sensation - the proof of for the first time has been received that elektrony at change of the condition in atoms of a crystal lattice can generate photons - light particles. Some tens years of experiments and searches of new materials that scientists have understood Were required that cold light-emitting diodes can replace not only lamps nakalivanija, but also some sources of heat.

such light-emitting diodes have been presented at a recent exhibition of perspective technologies which was organised by company Philips in the Dutch small town Eindhoven.

- serious influence on development of technologies of the future renders such all-European trend as population ageing, - the designer and developer Marike van speaks Vichen. - More and more women get the child already at mature age. Unfortunately, to 60 percent of such children is born or nedonoshennymi or with pathologies in development and need urgent medical aid during the first hours and days of life. On the basis of flexible light-emitting diodes we have developed a special envelope for babies which models conditions, characteristic for a parent womb.

in particular, dark blue light maintains optimum temperature for babies, and automatics regulates an illumination mode, simulating natural biological rhythms.

- why light dark blue? - Asks again Marike. - Simply our experiments have shown that at absorption of dark blue light in an organism the blood current improves, breath of each section is activated, oxygen carrying over increases that stimulates a metabolism and makes active immune system. Besides, dark blue light kills pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

on the basis of light-emitting diodes medical devices have been developed for growing old generation of Europeans also. The most simple example - a light tablet for treatment of back pains and an osteochondrosis. Other light-emitting diodes are applied in device ReAura created for regeneration of a skin. Ultra-violet light, nestling close under a skin, stimulate natural process of synthesis of collagen and regeneration of cages and destruction of pigmentary stains.

- It is expected that by 2050 the quantity of older persons in the world will be reached 2 mlrd by the person, - tells Marike van to Vichen. - rapid development of house medicine because at certain stages it is the basic alternative to expensive hospitalisation becomes the Consequence of it. Already today the market of similar devices is estimated approximately in 30 mlrd dollars, and, under our forecasts, in the nearest 4 - 5 years he will grow a minimum twice.

In a word, there is nothing surprising that this summer heads Philips declared radical change of strategy: Dutches refuse release of TVs and are reoriented on iatrotechnics release. Them are ready to follow and other corporations, the capital on household electronics there is no time made to itself. Time new generation chooses computer networks the companies are reoriented on their parents.

focus of photons
not less actively light technologies are applied in modern surgery, for example at creation of linear accelerators which are used today in oncology.

- the principle of action of the linear accelerator reminds the usual TV, - Andrey Chernichenko, the head of branch of high technologies of beam therapy Moscow scientifically - research oncological institute of P.A.Herzen speaks. - as well as in a kinescope, from a beam tube take off elektrony which beat out photons from substance of a kinescope. Only in the TV these photons possess small energy, therefore they are shone. In our case photons possess hardly bolshej energy, therefore they are not appreciable to a human eye.

bunches of photons of it a dark light Are carried by through a human body, hardly - hardly irritating a cellular fabric. But in focus of prompting of several bunches the effect from irritation increases and kills all cages. On this principle the noninvasive technology of removal of cancer tumours also works - at first oncologists learn the exact location of a tumour, and then direct at the purpose of two ten bunches of photons. 10 minutes - and malignant cages are without serious consequences destroyed.

- anything such I have not felt, - patient Raisa Bogatyryov admitted to us. - only in ears any noise was, yes before eyes all light stood...

introduction of new methods of treatment has already demanded from the Russian medicine of introduction of a new speciality the medical physicist and this year the Center of preparation of medical physicists has been opened within the precincts of the Moscow State University.

- That Russia left at least on the average level in relation to Europe, the quantity of accelerators should come nearer to one thousand, - the pro-rector of the Moscow State University professor Alexander Tchernyaev, the initiator of creation of the new centre speaks.

lanterns - health pledge
Meanwhile scientists already plan to treat by means of light not simply separate people, but also the whole cities.

- today in the majority not only Russian, but also the European cities the equipment corresponding to a technological level and problems 80 - h years of the last century is used, - designer Rohir van der tells Hejde. - But the problem of qualitative city illumination is very serious. Researches in Holland have shown that, having changed illumination of streets, it was possible to lower quantity of road accident for 28 percent, and failures with participation of pedestrians and bicyclists to approach to zero. Also it was possible to lower and quantity of patients with an aggravation of seasonal depressions.

If to speak about safety on roads much depends at all on technologies, and how city illumination is designed. For example, according to experts, breakdown susceptibility raises at night, if well shined sites alternate with more dark. This contrast distracts attention of the driver from a road situation, its sight becomes dull. Also light overabundance - for example when at night wet asphalt blikuet, reflecting fires of lanterns in the same way harms.

- illumination should be not obligatory bright, - continues van der Hejde, - it should be comfortable and optimum depending on, where and for what it is used. And a problem not only that we spend the superfluous electric power, but also that it negatively affects on health of people.