Rus News Journal

Newsmaker`s diary

the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has directed congratulatory telegrammes to Alexander Lukashenko and Leonid Kuchma in connection with election as their presidents of Belarus and Ukraine (p. 4 see). The order the president has appointed the general - major Valery Vostrotina the deputy minister on affairs of civil defence, emergency situations and liquidation of consequences of acts of nature. Other order has confirmed structure of council about social policy at the president. Has signed the order About measures in connection with cancellation of restrictions on cooperation from the republics of South Africa entered by Security council of the United Nations . Has abolished Co-ordinating committee on affairs of invalids at the president.

the Prime minister - minister Victor Tchernomyrdin participated in meeting of ambassadors of Russia in the countries of Africa. In the speech of premieres - the minister has stopped on problems of economic relations of Russia with Black continent. Minister for Foreign Affairs Andrey Kozyrev also has taken part in meeting.

the Chairman of the council of federation Vladimir Shumejko has held session of the upper chamber of parliament (p. 3 see).

the Chairman of the State Duma Ivan Rybkin has met the ambassador of Pakistan Dzhehangirom Kazi. The parties have discussed forthcoming visit of parliamentary delegation of Pakistan to Moscow. Has accepted the ambassador of Thailand Suchitru Hiranpryk. It has been noted, what exactly the Thai investments become a basis of strengthening of relations between Russia and Thailand. Then there was the Minister of Defence of China Chi Hao Pull. Has spent Duma council on which the agenda of today`s plenary session was discussed in the evening. On consideration laws " are taken out; About an order of illumination of activity of state bodies in the state mass-media About acceptance of a government program of privatisation About fire safety About social service of citizens of advanced age and invalids and a question About the questions connected with elections in Federal meeting and a referendum under the constitution .

the First vitse - prime minister Oleg Soskovets in first half of day has met the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia, then with the Minister of Defence of China. In second half of day has held session of the Commission on the operative questions, devoted to disposal of legal proceeding in the aviation industry of Russia (p. 2 see).

Vitse - prime minister Alexander Shokhin presided over meeting of the interdepartmental commission concerning relations of Russia with Ukraine (p. 4 see).

Vitse - prime minister Alexander Zaverjuha has held meeting concerning harvesting.

Vitse - prime minister Sergey Shahraj has held meeting on problems of Bashkortostan.

Vitse - prime minister Yury Jarov has met collective GABT in the morning, in second half of day took part in session of the commission on operative questions.

Minister of Defence Pavel Grachev has carried on negotiations with the Minister of Defence of China Tsi Haotjanem which are in Russia with official visit. Safety issues in Asian - Pacific region and, in particular, a situation on the Korean peninsula have been discussed. Heads of military departments of Russia and China have decided to begin bilateral consultations about creation in ATR systems of collective safety as European, but taking into account regional specificity . Upon termination of negotiations ministers have signed the interdepartmental agreement on prevention of dangerous military activity (about its maintenance wrote yesterday).