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Stock market: results of day

Tuesday - day quite good

the auctions at regional stock exchanges yesterday have passed Vtornichnye In regions productively enough. At the Ekaterinburg stock exchange the joint auctions of a stock exchange and property fund on which primary placing of actions of the privatised enterprises was spent, for example, have taken place. With results of the auctions brokers Perm, Siberian and Southern - Ural stock exchanges Besides, have pleased. And here in Moscow in stock market of transactions with not state securities yesterday it has not been registered.
as a result of the joint auctions of the Ekaterinburg stock exchange and local fund of property on primary placing of actions of the privatised enterprises of transactions for the sum 47 888 670 rbl. yesterday have been concluded The share holding of the Seversky granite open-cast mine was one of the large packages realised at the yesterday`s auctions, - 1500 actions have been sold by face value of 25 roubles on 6600 roubles. Besides, with considerable excess of face value joint-stock company actions " have been realised; Uralavtomatika and joint-stock company Electronics - serving systems . So, 364 actions Uralavtomatiki by face value of 100 roubles it has been sold at the rate of 21 000 rbl., and 233 actions Electronics face value of 200 roubles have sold at the price of 21 700 rbl. for the action.
at the Siberian stock exchange yesterday there has passed the transaction with actions of the insurance company Rosstrah . As a result of the transaction 5 actions by face value 100 000 rbl. on 151 000 roubles have been sold. Besides, at the auctions 240 actions of joint-stock company " have been realised; the Irkutsk cable face value of 1000 roubles on 5000 roubles. On Perm commodity - stock exchange also it has been registered two transactions, and brokers have sold 1180 actions of joint-stock company The Perm motors face value 50 rbl. at the rate of 430 roubles, and also 10 actions of the Chusovsky timber industry economy face value of 40 roubles at the rate of 388 roubles for the action. One transaction has been registered and on Southern - the Ural stock exchange. 50 actions of Uralvneshtogbanka 20 000 rbl. have been sold by face value on 30 000 roubles.