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Tours of Lajzy Minelli

Melodies from “ Cabaret “ will begin to sound in Moscow again

Today in 15. 00 flight Luftansa from Germany to Moscow there arrives Lajza Minelli. The actress who has become unusually popular in our country after in the Russian video hire, and then and on screens there was a film “ Cabaret “ in which she has played a leading role, will give two concerts in GTSKZ “ Russia “.

To Russia “ a star “ the Broadway and Hollywood has agreed to arrive after arrangements of two persons - Tom Jones with whom is on friendly terms, and the young Moscow banker Sergey Sleptsova who has acted as the guarantor of tours. Tom Jones has assured the actress that in “ Russia it is quiet, the remarkable flea market (he has visited an opening day in Izmajlovo), tremendous museums (there was it, however, only in diamond fund), and the local promoter will organise all normally “. But Lajzu the statement of the singer that at it " has definitively struck; now there is a children`s home in Moscow “. As a result of Minelli goes to Russia with intention not only to make happy the Moscow public, but also to present any of the Moscow children`s homes the name.
mother Lajzy Dzhudi Garland was in due time a star of musicals, its most well-known role - in “ the Wizard from the country Oz “. The father, film director Vincent Minelli, the repeated winner “ Oscars “ (for “ the American in Paris “ and “ Swills “) Specialised on musicals and comedies, in its films played Fred Aster, Barbra Streisand, his wife, and in a picture “ Time will show “ (1976) - the daughter. From 7 years Lajza acted with mother in prestigious nju - jorkskih clubs, and in 18 has already travelled a half world with the shows - numbers. In 19, that is in 1965, it became the youngest actress who has received (for the debut in a Broadway musical “ Flora, red threat “) Prestigious theatrical award Tony. In total these prizes at it three. The second - for record attendance of its musical solo performance in 1973, the third (1977) - for a leading role in the play “ Action “. Unfortunately, theatrical career of Lajzy is absolutely unfamiliar to our public. We know it only on few films, however, the cinema and teleplays have brought to the actress the considerable quantity of all conceivable awards - Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe Award, Valentino Award, David di Donatello Award, Academy Award and a number of others.
undoubtedly, the greatest popularity to it the film of the Bean of Foss (Bob Fosse) " has brought; Cabaret “ in which young Lajza Minelli played Selli Boulz, the singer in the Berlin cabaret of the thirtieth years. Broadway training has allowed the actress in a picture easily to pass from monologues to singing and dances, and tremendous actor`s talent - from buffoonery to tragedy. The film has brought to it four leading film awards of the USA, Italy and Great Britain. On a TV screen of Lajzu have got used to see in more habitual “ vareteshnyh “ roles, and its occurrence in a drama “ Time to live “ under the novel of Merilu Vajzman in a serious role was unexpected, but magnificent. It has been awarded the second award Golden Globe Award and enthusiastic responses of telecritics of the whole world.
but a musical award at it only one - three years on end Minelli received a title “ Razvlekatel year Las - Vegasa “ (Entertainer of the Year). As the main character of grandiose show in 1987 Lajza has broken attendance records in the most prestigious hall of New York “ Carnegie Holl “: three weeks on end it has been hammered to the full. For more than centenary history of this hall which was using to know best world “ stars “ such done not happen. Lajza has written down 11 albums, many of which steels “ gold “. But, as well as it is necessary to the present actress, not studio works, and " were the most successful; Live “ concert records in which there is a live exchange and mutual “ power feed “ with audience. Its double plate “ the Concert in Carnegie - the Hall “ it is considered one of the best concert records in the history of the musical industry. One of latest albums of Minelli - “ Results “ - written down in commonwealth with popular British vokalno - a tool duet “ Πεt Shop Boys “ it was very fashionable in all discos.
still about ten years ago any column of society column could not do without photos of Lajzy in the company of its next hobby and stories about quantity of the drunk. Now the actress prefers not to advertise private life, and alcohol for a long time is finished (by the way, one of its obligatory conditions: where it appeared in Moscow - a hard liquor should not be).


Tours were organised by firm “ Liat - Natali “. Cheap ($5) tickets for concerts have sold in the first day, with expensive ($100) were slightly more free. Organizers of tours have refused to name the sum of fees of show of Lajzy Minelli (though of cost of a concert of Michael Jackson of a secret did not do). As have informed the correspondent in one of the German concert agencies, one concert of Lajzy Minelli costs approximately $200 - 250 thousand