Rus News Journal

Column Presentations

* In Moscow the American company MBA holds presentation of new means for struggle against insects - Empajr - 20 and its household variant under the name Gett let out by known American company DowElanco. Firm MBAE is its distributor in Russia. More in detail about this production see the same page. Contact phone of company MBA: (095 217 - 60 - 25, 217 - 60 - 18. A fax: 217 - 60 - 08.

* In Moscow in 10. 00 in a conference - to hall TSOS the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (street Zhitnaja. 16) will pass a press - conference of representatives of delegation of special services of Great Britain which has arrived to Moscow under the invitation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

* In Moscow in 12. 00 in the Ministry of Justice of Russia the project of the new criminal code of the Russian Federation will be presented. The project is already left to the president of Russia. In a press - conferences will take part the deputy minister of justice Evgenie Sidorenko and head of department Sergey Ramazin. The new criminal code was developed together with the Main political management at Presidential Administration of Russia.

* In Moscow in 14. 00 in International a press - the centre in hotel Redisson - Slavic (the Berezhkovsky emb., 2) will take place a press - conference of the chairman of Committee on the budget and the finance of Council of federation of N.Gonchara.

* In Moscow in 14. 00 in Russian - American information a press - the centre (the Grain lane, 2/ 3) will pass a press - conference Prospects of an economic situation to Russia and last five decrees of the president of the Russian Federation . In a press - conferences the Doctor of Economics, the head of a commission of experts will take part at the president of Russia professor Alexander Livshits. Phones for inquiries: (095 203 - 37 - 86, 203 - 4403. A fax: 203 - 68 - 31.

* In Moscow in 16. 30 will pass session of the commission on development of the currency market of the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange (Zubovsky parkway, 4). Discussion of problems of change of mechanisms of the exchange auctions and vzaimoraschetov on " is planned; soft to currencies.

* In Moscow in 19. 00 in hotel Olimpik - Penta the presentation joint Russian - belgijsko - the French enterprise " will take place; VNISI - Schroder . The new company will be engaged in manufacture of various household lighting devices.

* In Moscow, in Academy of national economy at the government of Russia will pass a seminar on a theme Creation and effective activity of the enterprises and firms . The seminar is spent by heads of the Russian Registration chamber and advisers for business of Canadian governmental organisation SESO. Contact phone: (095 433 - 25 - 75.

* In Moscow, in recently created club the Hippopotamus the presentation of magazine Imperial published by firm Biz Enterprises will take place. On presentation heroes of last number Imperial promised p iehat: Igor Vernik (it will conduct a party), Oleg Tabakov, Mikael Tariverdiev and others. The club address: street Mantulinsky, 5. Phones for inquiries: (095 256 - 2095, 256 - 0974.

* In Moscow session of Security council of Russia, devoted to problems of borders will take place. At session the director of Federal Agency of counterspionage of Russia Sergey Stepashin will act.

* In Moscow at the international jazz festival devoted 60 - letiju Oleg Lundstrema`s orchestra, the American actor Rej Charles will act legendary. Its concert will pass also on July, 14th.