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The restaurant criticism

Today we continue to acquaint readers with new restaurants in hotel Izmajlovo . On turn - the Indian restaurant Natraj. Having visited this institution, our correspondent DARYA - TSIVINA has come to a conclusion that new restaurant of Indian cuisine in what does not concede to already existing Moscow restaurant MB. However, it is quite explainable, after all the owner at these institutions one.

It seems that the owner of several restaurants in Paris g - n Amin to Cash desks has seriously decided to be engaged in Indian cuisine propagation in Moscow. Along with Mexican and Chinese restaurants, in Izmajlovo has appeared Indian Natraj. It is executed in strict and modest style, but all accessories of an interior originally Indian. In general each restaurant of a new complex has got special national colour at the expense of any small, but very important details. In TexMex - the Mexican hats, poncho and masks, in Tin Tin - paper fans and multi-coloured small lamps, and in Natraj - graceful Indian batics and green trees. A hall of restaurant enough big, extended, with yellow rectangular columns. And everywhere razveshany zolotisto - green and bagrovo - brown drawings on a fabric, captivatingly thin and picturesque. The big role in corporate style creation Natraja play also chairs. The matter is that at each restaurant chairs are upholstered by a fabric c a special ornament. In TexMex chairs motley, cheerful, as if celebratory poncho. In Tin Tin - silky, with gold rombikami on a red background. And in Natraj there are chairs with a difficult Indian pattern - mysterious, confused, executed ritual sense. These details imperceptible, apparently, also create unique atmosphere of each hall. So in Indian Natrae it will not want to you at all ducks on - pekinski, and in Mexican TexMex - karri madras.
the Menu of new Indian restaurant extensively enough also is sustained in the best traditions of North Indian cuisine. The majority of dishes prepares in traditional tandure - the clay furnace which are warmed up by heated coals. On snack puff pies " are offered; samosy - hot, thin, fragrant, with the most different stuffings - vegetables, meat, crabs. It is offered on a choice the Indian shish kebabs (or, perhaps, a barbecue), prepared on coals. It and a young lamb on a spit boti tanduri and marinaded a hen tanduri zharennaja on coals. It is interesting that from different parts of a chicken carcass different dishes prepare also. For example, the chicken legs impregnated with vinegar with seasonings and zharennye in tanduri, are called tangri kebab . The slices of the chicken pulp which has passed the same way, - murdzhhi tikka . And rublenaja the hen, fried on a spit with green hot pepper, fresh mint, a coriander and spices, bears a proud name murzhdhi kebab . Is in the menu and one more chicken snack - crackling chicken wings pankri . But them you and so perfectly remember on restaurant MB repertoire. It is possible to rank As number of the Indian barbecues also the marinaded fish fillet fried on coals, - mashli tikka and rublenuju fish on a spit - mashli kebab .
Then it is necessary to pass to karri . It is necessary to try firm karri Natraj from a lamb. It prepares under the special recipe the head cook who has arrived in Izmajlovo directly from Paris. By the way, chiefs of all three new restaurants have left the high posts in the Parisian institutions g - on Kassama, that to put in Moscow Indian, Mexican and Chinese cuisine. Pay attention to this professional term - the present masters put kitchen as the voice or performance train. But we will return to our lamb. Firm karri prepares with nuts keshju almonds, sour cream and a small amount of seasonings. At the expense of it the lamb gets exclusively live and gentle taste, and artful karri - special softness. Is in the menu and traditional karri from a lamb - rogan gosht the sharpest karri madras with juicy sauce, and also a little karri with different additives - an onions, a potato, spinach. One more firm dish - karri from mutton goljazhki tivan the Karelian .
the list karri from a hen is so impressive. Is in Natrae and firm chicken karri restaurant MB under the name Moscow - Bombay . It prepares with almonds, sour cream and not so hot spices, marking friendship between the Indian people, raised on pepper and spices, and the Russian people preferring dietary porridges and fresh pancakes.
certainly, it is impossible to ignore and karri from shrimps, in ognenno - viscous sauce, and karri from fish. Special conversation (and tastings, certainly) is deserved also by a magnificent dish buriani . It is original Indian plov from the mutton foot (it is possible to order also buriani from a hen, shrimps or vegetables). Meat is maintained in sauce on the basis of 25 spices then it is extinguished with long - predlinnym friable rice basmati . Very thin, soft and refined dish which has been not deprived of the Indian colour, and at the same time as if specially created for Europeans turns out.
as well as at any Indian restaurant respecting, in Natrae the wide choice vegetarian dishes is presented. Presently, when admirers green a way of life becomes more and more, without karri from mushrooms or a vegetable ragout of the menu Natraja would look simply defective. Having ordered vegetarian tali you receive the most different stewed vegetables in the Indian sauce karri, with rice basmati a saffron and a round flat cake nan. And this dish, at all the ekzotichnosti in what does not concede to a steam beet with the wiped spinach.
as to numerous Indian flat cakes they are presented at new restaurant so widely, as well as in MB. There is a barmy flat cake nan fresh paratta and shapati and the same flat cakes with stuffings. However, North Indian cuisine all - taki not too sharp, that is why in Natrae it is quite possible to manage and without flat cakes. That you will not tell in any way about Mexican TexMex.

the Prices at restaurant Natraj (****) slightly more low, than at the Indian restaurant MB. The supper on one person manages all in $20 - 30. The restaurant works from 8 o`clock till 24 o`clock.

the restaurant address: Izmajlovsky highway, d. 44., hotel Izmajlovo the case D 3 - j a floor. Phones: (095 166 - 42 - 90, 166 - 62 - 90.