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Auction of export quotas at the Stock exchange of metals

aluminium and nickel

On Thursday at the Stock exchange of metals Are sold only has passed auction on sale of export quotas on nonferrous metals. As by the time of delivery of last number in the press the information on its results has not arrived yet, results of the auctions publishes today.

Prior to the beginning of auction all, apparently, promised its successful end. In spite of the fact that since July, 1st kvotirovanie and export licensing has been cancelled by the decree of the president, not all exporters have believed in forthcoming liberalisation of export, and application forms for participation in chetvergovyh the auctions has been submitted more than the usual. However only some prizes have caused interest of exporters. For example, it was not possible to sell any prize on brass, bronze, copper powders which, however, within a month do not find demand. Besides, there were non-realised quotas on hire of nonferrous metals (copper, aluminium, bronze, brass and medno - nickel). As practice of carrying out of the exchange auctions shows, quotas on this production stably do not find demand at exporters as quality of the Russian hire remains low and is not in demand in foreign markets.
from all production exposed on this auction aluminium and nickel have been sold only. However exporters, probably, do not intend to carry out hastily delivery to a full explanation of a situation, and this time the auction prices for aluminium and nickel, contrary to expectations of organizers of auction, were below usual. If earlier the auction prices for these metals made three and more face values, at these auctions an overwhelming part of prizes on aluminium and nickel has left at the starting price (see the table). An exception have made some nickel Prizes which have been sold with excess of the auction prices over starting all in 1,1 times.

nelli - SHMAKOV