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There was Alexander Zinoveva`s book

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the presentation of the Russian edition of the book of Alexander Zinoveva " Yesterday has taken place; Communism as a reality . In view of that the author has arrived to Moscow from Germany where he since 1978 lives constantly.

To the middle 70 - h Alexander Zinoveva`s name was known to only narrow circle of experts - logicians, metodologov and philosophers. Zinoveva - the writer did not exist in the USSR, in the West when the book was published in Switzerland " in Russian; Gaping heights making phenomenal success. The book has instantly got on the Moscow book black market, voices have read from it to fragments, the western Slavists have received rather nutritious food for reflexions.
so wide success was paradoxical not only from - for obscurity of the author but also because zinovevsky the text was especially intellectual, besides did not keep within any genre frameworks. Than - than, and a light reading these books you will not name. heights - not the novel and at all a fiction; we will tell, an essay in size with two first volumes Wars and peaces . However, in this product there is a circle of constant characters, is more exact - persons staying idle, but drinking and talking. However it and not an antique genre of dialogues though, perhaps, such association is the closest to an essence of the matter, and platonovsky the Feast certainly, it is necessary to count among sources zinovevskogo inspiration. Reproducing conclusions of the heroes, Zinovev builds an image of the closed communistic world where to intellectuals it is assigned a part outcasts and ljumpenov. A stretch will not tell that this process ljumpenizatsii a conceiving reed In socialist paradise also there is a main theme of Zinoveva - the fiction writer who has written after Heights the whole series of the books in a greater degree similar to traditional narrations: the Light future the Yellow house the Gospel from Ivan .
Zinovev has created essentially new literary genre as Montaigne is no time has thought up an essayistics. To define it it is rather inconvenient, and the word menippeja as Bakhtin has defined Dostoevsky`s novels most close here approaches. This polyphonic narration in which not only action, but also " is developed; is called the world, is called, instead of is described. All things and subjects at Zinoveva anew receive names and definitions. And author`s definitions near to the standard sound either as paradoxes, or as deliberate truisms.
Zinovev first of all the philosopher and the sociologist, then - the political scientist. It posesses the word combination which everywhere has become current - gomo sovetikus so one of its books, devoted to emigration is named. The thinker using so diverse literary toolkit, the Russian literature to Zinoveva, apparently, did not know. In the West there were Nitsshe, Kierkegaard, Sartre, Bart and Levi - Stross; at us, perhaps - only one Rose trees. And rozanovskie late books - the only thing that comes to mind prick to aim to search in the Russian literature of predecessors of Zinoveva.
With Rozanovym Zinoveva pulls together also one more. The irreproachable logic and intellectual honesty should clash with ordinary liberal myths, and both writers - the philosopher have tested on themselves pressure intellectual censorship . The position of the intellectual - the singles, openly declaring the point of view in the face of liberal public opinion, always on - to the is attractive, but is frequently very uncomfortable: Whether it be Voltaire or Galkovsky. It is thought, in today`s Russia as, however, and in the today`s West, Zinovev should test loneliness. The philosopher of such rank never can be entered in a picture constructed on front oppositions: right - left, politically correct - obscurantist.
Zinovev in the interviews declares: I never was the liberal, dissidents for me served only as object of studying and the description. It sounds in the same way bogohulno for liberal hearing as for orthodox the statement that sacred aged men for Dostoevsky were only characters. Though in a sense it quite right. But would be an error from outside spiritual opposition to write down the writer in the numbers: logic not the liberal - means, ` ours ` in case of Zinoveva does not work. In reply to a question on the spiritual future of Russia Zinovev speaks: behind any idea he does not see the future, for a socialist choice for Orthodoxy and nationality . That is it is literally - for any. And there and then admits that was the agent of influence of CIA nearly since student`s years. However and the role in destruction a socialist system does not recognise: System have destroyed without me . Perhaps, only last statement can not to be afraid be challenged: that vivisection, which podvergnul Zinovev system in the compositions, could not pass for it without serious consequences. And Gaping heights already one name in Brezhnev`s years won sympathy.
the book which has left at last in Russia of Zinoveva Communism as a reality - the collection of articles and the performances of the writer devoted to a communism phenomenon . Only to rather superficial observers today can seem that with this theme already all is clear . Business is directly on the contrary about what Zimnovev speaks: all has extremely got confused, but has not cleared up at all. And a socialism phantom wanders across Russia indefatigably - and however, and on the adjacent countries.