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At STB - Card there was a new shareholder

Owners Elekskard owners of cards of Eleksbanka will be served in network STB

In the near future can to use an infrastructure of one of the largest Russian payment systems - STB - Card. Recent acquisition by Eleksbankom of 14 % of actions STB - Card became the First step in this direction. And yesterday experts of bank and the American computer firm Arkansas Sistems which technology is used in STB, have started the coordination of technical parametres of the project.

the Occurred redistribution of actions STB - Card - any more the first in the history of this society. Bank Capital were at the moment of registration STB by its actually individual owner, in November of last year has conceded 25 % of actions to the Moscow bank of the Savings Bank of Russia. One month later 10 more % of an authorised capital stock have been sold the companies Incorporated payment system . After acquisition of 14 % of actions STB - Card Eleksbank became the third on size (after Capital and the Moscow Savings Bank) the shareholder of this payment system, and representatives of bank had an opportunity to be a part of its management.
to let out STB - Card, to banks, certainly, it is not obligatory to be shareholders of system - the rights of emitters allocate also members STB whom now are an order of 70 banks. Thus all emitters STB - Card - both shareholders of the company, and its members - have the right to define independently conditions of delivery of cards and tariffs on their service.
to Use this right Eleksbank, before occurrence in STB - Card already emitting the plastic cards " intends also; Elekskard which owners today are more than 4 thousand organisations and private persons. Quotations on reception combined Cards in bank will be identical to cost of own cards of Eleksbanka (for example, for private persons of an expense for reception of a debit card in Eleksbanke will make, as well as in bank Capital 500 roubles). As Eleksbank lets out now also own credit cards, kreditnost will get and emitted by it STB - Card. Credit rates will depend on time of using the loan: 7 - dnevnyj the credit is given to owners of cards free of charge, the loan for 1 month - under 60 % annual, on two - under 100 % and on three (the maximum term) - under 150 % annual.
new cards of Eleksbanka outwardly will differ from old only presence of logo STB - Card. However possibilities of such cards considerably will raise: they can be used not only in a trading network of Eleksbanka (numbering 200 points), but also in much more extensive network STB (about 1300 shops). It the aspiration of bank to unite own program with project STB - Card - in present conditions to emitters - to singles even with very well put " also speaks; card the program (cards of Eleksbanka, for example, unique of all existing are accepted as means of calculations between brokers RTSB) difficultly enough to compete to the powerful payment unions.
at the same time and STB - Card it is interested in attraction of the banks having own workings out in area card business. According to shareholders STB - Card, company management change (on leaving from a post of president STB - Card Alexander Sorokin and Yury Mihalchenko`s appointment to this post informed on July, 12th) will not affect its strategy - in particular, the principle of the maximum openness of payment system for other banks will remain. As to the reasons of events in STB - Card personnel shifts they, as well as assumed, are not connected with overall performance g - on Sorokin, and have especially personal character.