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The market of promissory notes

the Course gold the certificate of the Ministry of Finance of Russia yesterday has risen almost on 1 million roubles and has made 253 243 700 roubles. The award has been declared at a rate of 1 433 800 rbl. of Fluctuation of the price of the certificate, as well as last two days, have been caused by change of the price of gold in the world market. The day before yesterday day fixing of gold in Bank of England has risen on $1 to $385, than and growth of the price of the certificate has been caused.
quotations " yesterday have again sharply decreased; long tranches of currency bonds. The bond rate of the fifth series has decreased on 7/ 8 percentage points and has made 28 1/ 8 to face value, and the fourth - on 5/ 8 points to 31 1/ 8 %. By a recognition of the majority of dealers, investors completely do not have interest to bonds of the fourth and fifth tranche.
at the yesterday`s auctions under state credit obligations together with a rise in prices decrease in volumes of the auctions has proceeded. In comparison with day of the previous auctions the monetary turn under transactions has fallen on 26,15 mlrd roubles and has made 38,397 mlrd roubles. During trading session of the price of the concluded transactions were essentially above the previous day prices. Slow growth of quotations gave the chance to dealers to carry out arbitration transactions. But by the end of the auctions of the price began to fall, and the banks, playing the beginning of the auctions on increase, could not hand over the bond at higher price.
the greatest interest of participants of the auctions on - former was observed in the market of last July releases of three-monthly and six-monthly bonds, and also papers repayable 13 - go release. Unusually quickly rising in price in the end of last week state credit obligations 14 - go release, yesterday have hardly raised in the price, on - visible having settled for a while potential for growth. Nevertheless these papers are one of the most attractive in the market as their repayment will take place in September, i.e. When, under forecasts of Ministry of Economics, some splash in inflation is possible.