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Column “ S and C “

On ponedelnichnyh the auctions of Nju - jorkskoj stock exchange certain attention of investors used only “ blue counters “ It spoke as a low day turn of the auctions (211 million actions), and that increase obshchebirzhevogo index NYSE Compositε (for a day it has risen on 0,48 points to 250,72) has appeared even more modestly index increase “ blue counters “ Dow - Johns who has grown for day of all on 6,80 points to 3741,84.
According to local experts, principal causes of so low activity of investors, except desire quite natural by summer to have a rest more likely, rather than to be engaged in purchase and sale of actions, there were increased fears of investors concerning expected the fifth from the beginning of current year of increase of interest rates of Federal reserve bank. Besides, for uik - end the data about financial activity of some the large American companies, demanded the careful analysis has been published from investors. Thus, at all desire at players simply does not remain to time for active actions at a stock exchange. Only those actions in which relation players did not have any doubts therefore were bought or on sale.
corporation International Business Machines Corp securities became leaders of increase., which has surprised Uoll - strit with unexpectedly good results of activity in the second quarter. For day of the action have risen in price for 75 cents to $62,125. In turn, actions McDonnell Douglas Corp have appeared the first among exchange les miserables. They have fallen in price on $3,75 to $111,50, and true it was possible to name them victims of technical progress. On Friday the corporation declared the beginning of marketing researches on creation new 100 - local business - jet. Right after it analytics from company Salomon Bros. Have lowered a rating of actions as in their opinion working out of the new plane will demand $500 million, and the liner will be compelled to enter a rigid competition in the market hammered to the full business - jet.
the Index of off-exchange computer system NASDAQ has grown for a day on 0,20 points to 716,88.

Ponedelnichnuju session at stock exchange of Toronto, according to experts, dealers spent in a dozing condition. Therefore nobody was surprised with hardly appreciable result of the auctions - the index of all actions included in listing has gone down all on 7,77 points to 4168,39 at a day turn of the auctions in 41,61 million actions. Formally “ bear “ nevertheless, it is possible to consider result of the auctions as unexpectedly pleasant surprise for players on increase. The matter is that instability growth in a French-speaking province has allowed to experts an occasion to assume Quebec that stock exchange of Toronto landslide falling of quotations wait. In turn, the index of a portfolio of the Montreal stock exchange has risen on Monday on 3,53 points to 1955,72.

the Auctions at stock exchange of Budapest on Monday have passed in conditions of sharp activization of players. And though it also has not led to index increase (it has fallen for a day to 2,64 points to 1470,21), experts have considered the fact of increase in an exchange turn exclusively favorable. “ most likely turn growth will be followed also by increase of quotations “ - the leading analyst of Budapest broker house Concorde Securities has noticed in interview to correspondent Reuter of Gabor Borda. According to experts, special attention of investors (and first of all foreign) to the Budapest securities market also has been caused by rather low prices, but also, growth of trust of investors to actions of the local companies and increase of quotations at two other leading stock exchanges of the Eastern Europe - Warsaw and Prague. As a sign of trust of investors to the market experts named successful enough start in the market of company Global which are engaged in retail of articles of food. Its actions have been exposed for the first time to the auctions on Monday. Even considering traditional increase of quotations of new actions in the first day of trade, growth of course cost of securities Global looked impressively enough. By the end of session they have risen in price for 100 forints to 1130.