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The share market of the Russian emitters

Scale dump of actions MMM has accompanied to the Telemarket

Yesterday in the Russian stock market has passed productively enough. Some of regional stock exchanges worked even. At the auctions in Moscow at the Central Russian universal stock exchange the highest course of the privatisation check was observed: its quotation has made 39 855 roubles. Has renewed the auctions by privatisation checks for Sankt - the Petersburg stock exchange. Transactions passed at the rate below Moscow and Perm (the quotation - 33 007 roubles for the voucher), but is productive: to 15. 00 5423 checks have been sold already. The auctions have passed and under not state securities: to actions MMM, OLBI - the Diplomat Dock - Bread AVVA.
Have taken place yesterday and the auctions at the Perm stock exchange. By the tradition which have developed recently, this stock exchange began to work once a week, and the auctions on it pass only under privatisation checks. But if last time the Perm brokers have surprised all with unusually low course of sale of the check (below face value) that spoke participation in the auctions Russian instead of Moscow vouchers yesterday the same checks have been sold at an average rate 38 471 rbl. of All 3500 vouchers have been realised.
There is astable a situation on securities market MMM. During morning trading session on Russian commodity - a raw stock exchange broker offices have stopped again purchase of certificates of actions and tickets MMM. Attempts of the broker offices representing interests of joint-stock company MMM to stabilise a situation by purchase of actions, have appeared vain, as already to 15. 00 at these broker offices cash has come to an end. Independent brokers have begun active dump of securities MMM. During first half of day from MMM has flowed away from above 1,5 mlrd the rbl. which presence at a stock exchange stimulated growth of almost all securities (especially actions the Telemarket ).