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the Central Bank has decided to make sure of qualification of auditors

last week most often concerning the Central bank the word " was said, perhaps; audit . To that there were enough strong reasons. In - the first, the Bank of Russia has created Central attestatsionno - the licence auditor commission led by the vice-president of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulinym. In - the second, the auditor who will be engaged in check of activity of the Central Bank was defined. Under the decision of the State Duma English firm Coopers and Lybrand became them.

to the Decision of board of directors of the Central Bank on creation Central attestatsionno - to the licence auditor commission preceded the December decree of the president About auditor activity in the Russian Federation and the May governmental order About the statement of standard documents on regulation of auditor activity in the Russian Federation . Duties of the created commission - the statement in coordination with the Commission on auditor activity at the president of Russia of uniform programs on whom promotion examinations of auditors are spent; the statement on representation uchebno - the methodical centres of an order of carrying out of these examinations, the maintenance of examination cards, and also structures of examination boards; the organisation of regular checks of correctness of carrying out of promotion examinations and use of means allocated for this purpose; the notice of applicants on an order and terms of carrying out of these examinations; consideration and the statement of results of promotion examinations and decision-making on delivery (or about refusal in delivery) the qualifying certificate of the auditor; delivery of such certificates and conducting their register; delivery of licences for carrying out of bank audit; conducting the state register of the auditors who have obtained licence and auditor firms. It is obvious that thus the Central bank tries to put activity of auditors under the methodological control, and to watch it it is entrusted to the vice-president of Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulinu - it is appointed by the chairman of the commission.
in the meantime the State Duma has defined the auditor of the Central Bank. To spend auditor check of balance of Bank of Russia and operations under accounts for 1993 deputies have charged to English firm Coopers and Lybrand. It is obvious that the choice was not casual - this company already booked Central Bank audit (last year auditors have estimated the services approximately in $185 thousand) twice. According to the Duma decision, from the Central Bank both Coopers and Lybrand during carrying out of check and the analysis of its results the group of deputies into which structure have entered the chairman of committee on the budget, to taxes, banks and the finance Michael Zadornov, and also chairmen of subcommittees of this committee Pavel Medvedev, Boris Fedorov and Gennady Kulik will be engaged in the organisation of its interaction.
However, the attention which the State Duma renders recently to the Central bank, at all is not limited only to definition of its auditor. At least, this decision against proceeding debate about structure of management of the Central Bank looks more than the private soldier. Last week the chairman of the Central Bank Victor Gerashchenko managed to convince definitively deputies of inexpediency of construction of a two-level control system of Bank of Russia (the previous review " see; a Central Bank Lobby ) However from idea to enter about structure of board of directors of the Central Bank in addition (besides the chairman of the Central Bank and its five assistants) six persons from outside deputies have not refused. In the Central Bank this idea, to put it mildly, does not cause enthusiasm. Besides quite clear unwillingness at subjective level to suppose to management of the main bank of the country strangers (let even very competent), Victor Gerashchenko has put forward and more or less objective reasons about incorrectness of such step. The chairman of the Central Bank, in particular, has quite fairly noticed that at a present control system each of councillors of directors is responsible for this or that party of current activity of the Central Bank. If the project of the new law is definitively accepted, foreign councillors will have an opportunity in the solving image to influence strategy of Bank of Russia, leaving the decision of the tactical problems defined by these strategy exclusively for local councillors. While it is there is no saying certain, whether this position in a definitive variant of the law will remain - law consideration in the second reading will take place only in October, 1994.
has not managed last week and without the unpleasant surprises connected with current activity of commercial banks. Under the message a press - services GU of the Central Bank of Russia across Moscow, became more active again manufacturers of false bank documents. In particular, bank the Golden Age became the owner a souvenir in the form of a copy of the payment order and the power of attorney, containing false the press of bank and a stamp of the operator. On assurance of the bank, any powers of attorney it did not give out. Detection of false letters of guarantee declared last week Agrooptorgbank and Progressbank. The fact of use of a forged seal has found out also bank Gagarinsky . However, in this case to define its authenticity does not make special work as manufacturers of the false press have obviously overdone - its quality has appeared better, than at the original. Nevertheless completely to exclude occurrence of false payment documents in a turn it is impossible to exclude, therefore the Central Bank recommends to banks and firms to which documents are shown, it is obligatory to check their authenticity directly at banks from which name they are made.