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Co-operative society business Tellurium

the Office of Public Prosecutor has deduced Indications of the defendant for court frameworks

Yesterday employees 108 - go police stations of Moscow have begun criminal case investigation about the slander, raised against businessman Alexander Morozova accused, besides it, in large plunders on co-operative society business Tellurium . In February, 1994 News have published the indications of Morozova given by it in court, about application to it of tortures (wrote about it in May). On materials of the publication the State Duma has created the special commission on check of the facts of infringement of human rights in pre-trial detention centres, and the Tver interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor under the statement of inspector Leonid Harchenko mentioned in article, has filed criminal charges upon slander.

Lawyer Morozova the Lion of Nightingales considers that criminal case about slander is raised illegally. Frosts, being the defendant, does not bear responsibility for a summer residence of false testimonies, and News only have quoted its indications in court. The lawyer has stated the position in the complaint in the Tver interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor. The assistant to the public prosecutor Pavel Bahun has answered the lawyer that indications of Morozova about application of tortures do not concern a proceeding subject on business ` Tellurium ` which heads are accused of large plunders. Therefore about slander it has not stopped business.
according to the lawyer, in judiciary practice precedent, when for litigation frameworks (on business " is created; Tellurium -.) The indications, concerning preliminary investigation are deduced, and even before adjudgment new criminal case is brought. Therefore g - n Nightingales has made the complaint in Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow in which has declared that public prosecutor Bahun and the employee 108 - go police stations Vladimir Pavluhin investigating case about slander, interfere with litigation on business Tellurium . It was supported by the chairman of the commission of the State Duma on check of infringements of human rights in a pre-trial detention centre Vladimir Mironov. In the letter in the Tver Office of Public Prosecutor he asked to consider motivation of excitation of criminal case once again.
will return to this theme when the State Duma commission will have first results of check.