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Column Misfortunes

Agency Interfax has informed on failure of a training aircraft the Yak - 52, occurred near it is proud Barnaul (Altay territory). The plane belonging to the Russian defensive it is sports - to a technical society, villages Bobrovka in 25 km to the south from the Altay capital have fallen in wood near. Were in the plane the pilot - the instructor and the cadet were lost.
in a car accident, proisshedshej in northern Indian city of Jamshedpur, three and seriously injured six persons were lost, reports Press Trust of India. At first there was a truck and motor scooter collision - a taxi, the passenger of a taxi was lost. The driver of the lorry has tried to leave from a scene, has brought down velorikshu, has faced one motor scooter - a taxi, and then with two motor scooters, a moped and a bicycle consistently. The woman operating a moped and the bicyclist were lost. Furious witnesses of an event have pulled out the driver from a cabin of the truck and have beaten. On a state of health of the driver it is not informed.
categories of lightnings in the Alpes have led to death of two persons, reports Reuter. In one case 48 - the summer Frenchman has been amazed by an atmospheric electricity while stood with the wife under a tree where the married couple has hidden from a rain. The woman has not suffered. In other case two young climbers entering into group of nine persons and making an ascension as a part of scout group, have received serious damages. One of wounded men, 13 - the summer boy, has died in hospital in Grenoble where it has been delivered by the helicopter.
in Hungary near to the city of Varpalota during doctrines four were lost and seven soldiers are wounded, reports Reuter referring to the Minister of Defence of the country Derdja Keleti. The tragedy has occurred from - that time of carrying out educational artillery strelb has broken off one of 120 - millimetric guns.
In South Korea at factory of agrochemical company Chinhung Precision Chemical in the city of Inchon in 30 km from capital of the state of Seoul there was a strong explosion, reports Reuter. Five workers were lost, sixteen are wounded. Explosion has been caused by an overheat of one of mechanisms which has been left without supervision after the termination of the working day. Fortunately, nearby from the unit was nobody, however explosion was so powerful that the factory building has been destroyed. Fragments damage also some cars standing near to the factory case, in nearby houses glasses have taken off.
in a casino of a city of Ajaccio, an administrative centre islands Corsicas (France), the bomb has blown up, informs agency Reuter. Two persons are wounded. Explosion has occurred at a dawn when the casino were left by last visitors. Both wounded men are taken to hospital. In the same morning the bomb has seriously damaged one of official buildings of Ajaccio. The police considers that in an event the local separatists who have selected official buildings and places of pilgrimage of tourists for the terrorist activity are guilty. Terrorists achieve independence of native island.
Dorozhno - transport incident on a line Tula - Novomoskovsk became a cause of death of five and wounds of two persons, the service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on duty informs. Motor vehicles participated in collision the Zhiguli and BMW.
in Dagestan cholera epidemic proceeds, the service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on duty transfers. Quantity of the diseased - 12 persons; with suspicion on vibrionositelstvo 24 persons are hospitalised. The complex sanitary - protivoepidemiologicheskih actions is spent.
forest fires in Siberia, the Magadan area, Yakutia and Evenki autonomous region Proceed, the service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on duty informs. However over these regions rainy weather that is why the fire area is quickly reduced was established.