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Situation in Ukraine

Kuchma was fond of monetarism

Than Leonid Kuchma is engaged? A question lawful for on TV screens it appears now infrequently. Under data from its environment, Kuchma continues room work on administration formation, simultaneously supervising preparation of bills and decrees. Foreign visits yet does not plan (unlike speaker VS Alexander Moroza who has gone to Moscow) though itself is going to accept the director of IMF Michel Kamdessju. And in the evening on Monday, also without a special pomp, the president has held meeting on the anti-recessionary policy.

The point of view on economy stabilisation at meeting Minister of Economics Roman Shpek, known economists (have stated holding high posts in Kuchma`s government) Victor Pinzenik and Vladimir Lanovoy, the chairman of Natsbank Victor Yushchenko. Recipes were offered the most different: From the termination of unreasonable monetary issue before fixed rate cancellation karbovantsa in relation to hard currencies. Kuchma with conclusions did not hurry up, but has disposed to finish till August, 5th projects of decrees On currency regulation About a bill covering vzaimozadolzhennosti the enterprises and till August, 10th - About protection of home market of Ukraine and streamlining of a customs policy of the state . On turns and the bill About the taxation of incomes of the enterprises and the organisations . According to some information, in it decrease in tax rates for the enterprises of industrial sphere is supposed - about fast simplification of tax burden Kuchma hinted during a trip on JUzhmash . This monetaristsky the legal reserve will be rather useful to the president during conversations with the chief executive of IMF Michel Kamdessju - the meeting is planned for today. By words postpreda IMF in Ukraine Lawrence de Milnera, the purpose of Kamdessju - To familiarise with sights of a new management of republic . However, management sights - a substance dynamical. According to some information, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economics (though in the last also it is expected management change) have prepared the concept of stabilisation with which plan to acquaint g - on Kamdessju.
In parliament on - former symptoms of aversion of initiatives of Kuchma are observed. Yesterday it became known that the question on already sensational presidential decree is brought in agenda VS About urgent measures on strengthening of struggle against criminality . The decree will be considered this week, but already it is now obvious that discussion will be hard: a number of deputies accuses the president in ignoring constitutions, among them and speaker Alexander Moroz who has left for Moscow assuring still the day before that with Leonid Danilovichem has no clashes of opinions. Now the speaker declares that in the decree is Intrusion in the field constitutional and legislative .