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Press - Ivan Rybkin`s conference

Deputies have a rest, laws are written, powers last

For 193 days of work the State Duma has considered 220 bills, from them 46 (21 %) has accepted, and eleven (5 %) are already signed by the president - it has declared yesterday on a press - the conference devoted to results of work of the lower chamber, its speaker Ivan Rybkin who has estimated activity of the State Duma as effective lawmaking . From conversations on effective lawmaking Rybkin has passed to effective statements - has refused from categorical otverzhenija Vladimir Shumejko`s ideas about prolongation of presidential and parliamentary powers. Now the speaker of the lower chamber concerns projects of the top colleague much more favourably.

By the tradition put by Lukjanovym and continued by Hasbulatovym, on the occasion of the termination of session the speaker informs statistics of work of the establishment entrusted to it, tells, how the legislative vacuum is promptly filled, and with pride speaks about muzhanii the legislative case. Naturally, could not avoid the story about muzhanii and Rybkin: in a merit it has put to colleagues acceptance of the memorandum of the consent, decisions about amnesty, the budget for 1994, the federal constitutional law About the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation . Passing from the present to the future, the speaker has informed that the Duma could promote strongly to a conclusion of the country from crisis, having accepted the budget for 1995 and the Tax code - expert work on the last comes to the end on September, 15th. There will be also other codes - the second economic Constitution (i.e. The civil code, which first part it is already accepted in the second reading), and also UK, UPK, Ground and Air codes, the Code about work. Abundance of codes will be provided by hard work of the Duma committees (i.e. their device and experts) which will continue work even in the summer - in general idleness. Creation of such hard-working device too has been ranked as Duma merits.
from the list of achievements the weighed speaker has passed to the list of omissions: propensity inherent in some deputies to mitingovosti, for example, has led to that at Duma members has turned out nothing with the consolidated project of the program poslechekovoj privatisations. Rybkin`s relation to the government also was weighed. On the one hand, it is happy with interaction of the Duma with executive power. On the other hand, the government though has a certain experience, but operates insufficiently actively. Rybkin has specified that executive power cannot adjust dot addressing of state means in any way, support of the defensive, conversion enterprises, financially - industrial groups, and - it is probable, meaning unique qualified Duma dirizhista Sergey Glazyev - has hinted that the government should move for carriers of these ideas . According to the patriotic thesis about potential financial utility of derelicts of the world community (Saddam Hussein, Muamar Kaddafi, etc.) Rybkin has started a stone and in Andrey Kozyreva`s kitchen garden, calling not perepolitizirovat our external economic relations and not to forget that if we owe $80 mlrd, to us - $160 mlrd .
Nevertheless the chairman of the Duma has managed to bring essential novelty in routine action for transfer of the merits and the governmental errors. Hitherto categorically asserting that prolongations of powers deputies yet have not deserved also that, probably, voters would like to see perfect on our place of other people Rybkin has suddenly changed opinion and, having left doubts about an ethical and political acceptability of such step, has passed to absolutely concrete reasonings on technical details of realisation shumejkinogo the project: if Shumejko - Rybkin support two thirds of regions in the name of the legislature, and the same will make the qualified majority of the Duma, and the same - the president so paternal and not to prolong? However, evolution rybkinskih sights is clear: for the clear reasons being quite interested in project realisation, the chairman of the Duma at the same time has all possibilities to wash a hand: has offered Shumejko, have supported regions, the final decision is accepted all the same by the president, well and the Duma simply does not want to go across regions and the president. At such ideal combination of a political profit and political risk to Rybkin, obviously, there was no urine to be kept from a startler.