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The international conference of metallurgists

In Russia grows demand for the metallurgical equipment

In Moscow in the Russian academy of management yesterday the international conference " has opened; Ferrous metallurgy of Russia and the CIS in the XXI-st century . Large Russian metal works, the research centres, and also a number of the large western firms mainly specialising on deliveries of the metallurgical equipment have taken part In it. Scope of conference testifies that demand for the equipment in the Russian market has essentially grown.

the Foreign companies and the Russian factories, participating in conference, besides especially scientific purposes pursue also rather concrete commercial.
the matter is that in Russia capacious enough market of the metallurgical equipment is now formed. It is promoted by realisation of the federal program of development of metallurgy according to which only for modernisation of the large enterprises should be spent about $15 billion Most part of this money will go on purchase of the equipment for the Russian enterprises.
within the limits of this federal program the Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex has already started contract realisation on $590 million with company Schleman - Siman. Besides it Magnitogorsk co-operates with German company Siemens AG which also conducts projects on Magnitogorsk and New Lipetsk metallurgical industrial complexes.
during conference exhibition stands of the companies - the participants specialising on deliveries of the equipment for metallurgy, - already mentioned Siemens AG, Mannesmann Demag Huttentechnik (Germany), the joint stand of French firm Clecim and British Davy International, American Combustion Inc will work. (USA) (by means of this firm Western - the Siberian metallurgical industrial complex managed to patent in the American market the nou - hau), Ebner - Industrieofenbau GmbH (Austria) and others.