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The astrological forecast

Wednesday, on July, 27th


Today is better to waste time on realisation of large-scale projects. If this Wednesday you will not have not enough on it time, try to cope by Friday (then it is possible not to fuss - waste of forces).
solve problems which demand from you strength of mind and will power. Will suffice already to postpone them on then. Any obstacles to frighten you should not. The more barriers you will overcome, the more to you will be rendered, and on this light.
if your business is connected with art, cosmetics, clothes or jewelry it is quite possible that you will not need to strain - affairs and so will go well. The rest is advised to get something from the aforesaid.
it is desirable for twins to carry on today important negotiations. With partners it will be possible to agree in the first half an hour. Then, naturally, it is necessary to fix oral obligations on a paper.
very much even quite good employment - conducting financial operations. The more largely the sum which you put into circulation, the better. However, predesigns all the same will not prevent.
by the way, Cancers and Lions can get unexpectedly today financial support. However, thanks to any fraud. However, the sum received in its result will be so great that with interest compensates moral costs.
for born under the badge of the Maiden the favorable period begins, it will proceed where - that month ones and a half. If they carefully plan the affairs they will manage to increase considerably the fortune.
as in numbers godfathers today some revival is observed, try to be on the alert. Strengthen protection of the house and take care of a personal security.
atmosphere on secular receptions today easy enough. Despite it, especially to relax all - taki it is not necessary - differently your favourite can take offence at you. The matter is that in the evening men will have a desire to get acquainted at once from dozen pleasant young persons that will cause jealousy in old girlfriends. So one or the other: it is necessary or go on presentation alone, or constantly to watch the behaviour.