Rus News Journal

Column Presentations

* In Moscow in 13. 00 in Academy of national economy at the government of Russia will begin work a seminar on under the name Optimization of tax payments . He will be spent by the chief of department of tax inspection of the Western administrative district Sergey Basov. In the seminar program following questions - the profit taxation, the VAT and spetsnalogi, currency transactions, trastovye contracts and contracts about joint activity, the account and operations with securities. Contact phone: (095 433 - 25 - 75.

* In Moscow in 14. 00 in Russian - American the press - the centre will take place a press - conference the Russian astronautics: problems and prospects .

* In Moscow in 16. 00 in hotel Redisson - Slavic There will pass a meeting of the public and the press with representatives of the company Russian ballet on ice . On it it will be told about forthcoming tours of ballet in the USA.

* In Moscow in 19. 00 in club Manhattan - p will take place p Russian p, p and visagistes. In pp p a new collection p Lizunova. Contact phone: (095 298 - 53 - 54.

* In Moscow in the Ostankinsky television centre conference " will open; the New news media - to the new world organised by a broadcasting company Ostankino and the Commission of a communication exchange of the USA. Participants of conference will discuss the prospects opening before modern systems of telecommunications, will consider legal, social and ethical problems which are put before a society by development of communication facilities. Among participants and sponsors of conference fund Eurasia companies US West International and Microsoft, representatives of information networks Relcom, GlasNet and Sovam. Simultaneously with conference in Ostankino the computer exhibition devoted to use of modern electronic technologies in journalism will work. The forum will last till August, 2nd. Contact phone: (095 215 - 04 - 53, a fax: 215 - 54 - 38.

* In Moscow, in the Central house of the artist (the Crimean shaft, 10/ 14) will open an exhibition El Salvador Distances without borders . On it it will be presented about 900 exhibits, among which original drawing, collages, lithographs, etchings, documents, design, a sculpture, furniture, and also Distance creativity as cinematographer. The exposition basis is made by a collection Michel Brutta (Michele Broutta), the former good acquaintance of the artist. The exhibition part is presented by works from meeting of last secretary of the artist operating its heritage, Robert Desharna (Robert Descharnes). The separate part of an exposition is intended for sale. The exhibition will last till September, 14th.

* In Noginsk (the Moscow region) in p p exhibitions p rescue - 94 indicative doctrines on search and extraction of victims from blockages, to rescue of people with p floors of buildings and to suppression p with use of the plane Silt - 76 and p Ka - 32 will take place.

* In Zavolzhe (the Nizhniy Novgorod region) The inter-regional will open is wholesale - a trade fair the Autoengine - 94 which spends joint-stock company Zavolzhsky motor factory . Engines for automobile, lorries and the buses, the forced engines for cars GAS and RAF with working volume of the engine 2,9 l, other engines and spare parts to them will be presented. Fair will come to the end on July, 29th. Contact phones: (83169 9 - 72 - 57, 9 - 60 - 12.