Rus News Journal



Shop Clothes (Moscow, the Institute lane, 2/ 1, ph. 971 - 40 - 44) has received new party female and men`s wear (Germany). Elegant ladies` suits - three consisting of jackets, vests and skirts (or shortov), and also the two (the jacket and a skirt) are executed from polyester or viscose with polyester darkly - dark blue, turquoise, sand, grey colours, there are models of motley colouring in pastel tones (DM295 - 470, razm. 42 - 58).
Various blouses with the short sleeve, executed of polyester of black, white, blue, greenish, sand, pink and crimson colours, are offered for DM140 - 175 (razm. 42 - 58).
the Italian stockings corporal, it is dark - brown, black, marsh colours (razm. 2, 3, 4) stand DM5 - 8.
Men can buy jeans Pierre Cardin for DM100, colours - grey, is grey - dark blue, blue, the sizes - 46 - 56. The summer man`s trousers of German firm Baumler executed from a clap of white and sand colours, stand DM150. Cotton shirts of white, cream, pink, blue, greenish, lilac tones - monophonic and in a small cage - stand DM90 (razm. 39 - 45).
In shop Reporter (Moscow, street New Arbat, 31, ph. 205 - 49 - 70) have arrived silk colour ties of firms Ungaro and Ferre on $60, and also Enrico Coveri and Laura Biagiotti on $50 - with a geometrical ornament, with tropical and sea drawing.
home appliances
the New section of household electronics opened by firm Seldom and the trading house Friendship (Moscow, street Tver, 15, ph. 229 - 92 - 84, 229 - 03 - 91), offers the various goods of manufacture of prestigious firms for the house and office. For example, here it is possible to get phones Panasonic with an answering machine (model RX - T2460) on two cartridges ($107). Radio receivers Sony ICF - C26RM with the built in alarm clock (the model is developed for the Eastern Europe), working in ranges of VHF and DV, will manage in $27. Two-cassette stereoradio tape recorders Aiwa CS - N31 stand $55. Besides, multisystem videoplayers Panasonic are offered: not writing - NV - P01AM ($210) and writing - NV - P03AM ($240). Audiocassettes TDK stand here $0,30, videocassettes JVC - $2,60.
Shops of home appliances of firm Seldom (Moscow, 2 - j the Vrazhsky lane, 5, ph. 248 - 23 - 58; street 12 - I Park, 7, ph. 463 - 97 - 72; street of Marshal Chujkova, 7/ 2, ph. 175 - 64 - 55; streets Big Filevsky, 41 and street Nagatinsky, 36) as usual offer wide assortment of the goods of household electronics. Including various cash registers Casio, Sony, Royal ($148 - 335), latest models of desktop photocopiers Sharp Z - 20, simple and reliable ($440), musical centres Philips AS - 305 ($170).
the wide choice of devices of anticreeping alarm system Excalibur, Prestige, Hawr, Pioneer (Here too suffices $79 - 265). In various assortment TVs - from finding room on palm Casio for $270 with the size of the screen 9 sm (the colour image, autotune) to TVs Sony (model KV - 3400 DV2H7 with the size of the screen 85 sm for $2690 are presented also.
Salon the Diadem (Moscow, B.Poljanka, 55, ph. 238 - 43 - 11) has received the new jewelry of the Moscow jeweller factory executed from gold 750 - j tests. Earrings - a path with brilliants and emeralds are offered for 3 million 667 thousand rbl. Rings in the form of a fan with an emerald or sapphire in the centre, covered along the edges brilliants, stand 1 million 339 thousand and 1 million 184 thousand rbl. For 889 thousand - 1 million 993 thousand rbl. can get rings in shape marquises (rombikom) with a brilliant or an emerald in the centre and with brilliants along the edges. Besides here it is possible to buy a suspension bracket - a cross with diamond inserts (692 thousand rbl.), a female gold quartz watch with the openwork bracelet which round case is decorated by brilliants (3 million 990 thousand rbl.), the complete set from cuff links (828 thousand) and signets (825 thousand rbl.) with the image of a two-headed eagle.
Here it is possible to get chains of various kinds of weaving (gold 585 - j tests) length from 45 to 65 sm (78 - 141 thousand rbl.) And also man`s massive chains (the weight - 84,2) for 3 million 950 thousand rbl. Is offered also a man`s ring from gold 750 - j the tests, being the unique sample of jeweller art of the beginning of XX century, with natural sapphire in 49,26 carat of a greenish shade with a facet a small pillow (product weight - 16,65 g, the price - $47 240).
Shops the North America (Moscow, street Vucheticha, 19, ph. 211 - 10 - 11 and street Ex, 14, ph. 444 - 01 - 24) have received a mechanical men`s watch (30 models) Swiss firm Tissot. Hours - in the metal and gilt case, mainly round form, expensive models - with the difficult threefold mechanism, are models on thongs from a genuine leather or on bracelets ($139 - 500). To men also are offered mechanical and quartz watch Citizen in the case from an alloy of the titan with platinum or with gold ($1375 and $1520).