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The restaurant criticism

you have paid attention to strange law: the more in Moscow appears restaurants, the opens also new bars more? And bar a niche restaurant business accustoms more and more actively. Probably, demand for silent cosy places where it is possible to spend pair of pleasant hours with a whisky wine-glass, meanwhile strongly advances the offer. However, if the bar boom lasts still at least year, we for certain will make up for lost time. To this optimistic conclusion DARYA - TSIVINA has come our correspondent, having visited yesterday very perspective new bar Old Square.

Perhaps, for a bar there is nothing more important, than its appearance. After all the interior is not only the person of an institution, it also its style, atmosphere. And to a bar come behind them, and at all after portion gin - tonic which easily it is possible to measure and at home. Yes, in a bar people relax, forget about troubles, strike up superficial acquaintances, sit with the favourite newspaper, listen to music, say, relaksirujut as can. And ragged walls, a sticky rack or the pressed through chair promote it much less, than graceful desk lamps, soft sofas and low tables.
there is no, of course, at restaurant an interior too plays an important role. But there, at least, it is possible to be released from unsatisfactory you the architectural decision of a hall by means of juicy pork chop or pripushchennogo in fault of a salmon. yes, - you speak to yourselves, - ceilings here is obvious nizkovaty, and curtains are picked up not in tone to the butterfly the headwaiter. But pork, pork - that what!. then look down to a dale and give itself to the power to touch and sense of smell. Such dodges do not pass in a bar, as the bar is intended completely not simply for meal and drink (it will always be put), and for pleasant pastime.
And so, in new bar Old Square as you have already guessed, it is very pleasant to spend time. Therefore appearance of this institution bribes at once and bewitches. Actually, already on the way to a bar, in a silent lane near to an Old Square, you are covered by lyrical and complacent mood. And in a bar this mood only amplifies. A tiny hall with snow-white walls. On low window sills - decorative greens, cosy a compartment with soft sofas and the dark tables, gracefully broken bar counter with sparkling glasses and bottles. In general even if behind this proof eleven grades of scotch whisky and two burbonov would not be most, five French cognacs, twenty liquors, gin, rum, French and the Italian wines, fifteen classical cocktails both etc. and etc., here it would be pleasant to spend hour or so - another, drinking coffee and stirring with the friend. But Old Square will not allow you so easily to get off . No, here to you will suggest to drink, and also to eat, because American cuisine is presented to the bar menu in all the salatno - sandvichevom magnificence. In a bar it is possible to have a snack the Mexican salad from avocado - the near relation well-known guakamole the Italian salad with cheese Mattsarella and salad from a hen under the romantic name Island . For the faithful admirers of an industrial American food there is a large supply of sandwiches: the Stake - a sandwich Bacon letjus tomato a sandwich a chicken sandwich Kejdzhen a hot chicken sandwich the Barbecue sandwiches with smoked beef - cold Pastrami and hot the Service jacket of Dip a sandwich with a smoked ham and a sandwich with beef the Barbecue . Certainly, such abundance of the American sandwiches can confuse some adherents of the European culinary style. But they can quite manage nourishing Irish soup with beef or easier soup from field mushrooms. And as the basic dish to try the Italian paste - under the swept away sauce with parmesan or under sauce the Bolognese with green salad. Certainly, in Old Square both paste, and soups too prepare on the American harmony, after all the head cook of a bar - the American. However, some years it has worked the last in Paris so in dishes all - taki hardly appreciable French accent should be felt.
yes, in such cosy hall, at such wide choice of alcohol and solid volume of snack in Old Square easily it is possible to be late for the whole evening. But actually here it is possible to remain and on all night long. Because in a hall corner, behind a white fence the ladder conducting downwards, in a cellar hides. Here under vaulted brick ceilings last a confused chain a little cosy zalchikov. In a mysterious red luminescence of a brick the suite of rooms looks mysteriously and romantically. Low little tables are placed easily and freely, vspolohi decorative greens shade the hilly walls, muffled light calms nerves. In one of halls the grand piano has hidden, in the evening here play a jazz. In other zalchike - a round rack of a bar. Here directly on your eyes salads and sandwiches prepare. You want - sit down and watch sacraments of culinary process, you want - stir about weather with the cook - the barman, you want - go further on a labyrinth, to a secluded corner, for a little table at a wall... Six tiny halls, located on a circle, give set of possibilities for pastime. And here - that, underground, nothing will get you - neither troubles on work, nor quarrels with relatives, neither disorders in private life, nor bad weather, neither a spleen, nor melancholy.
by the way, once a week in a vault Bar executors of a jazz, as beginners, and all known are invited. So in due course Old Square there can be a jazz - club, with the habitues and a special corporate style. But even if it does not happen, the bar has every chance to become a popular institution with the person. At least all external data at it for this purpose is.

the prices of bar Old Square (***) are not so high: the portion of whisky costs from $4 to 9, cognac - from $6 to 22 for a portion, liquors - on $5 for a portion, cocktails - on $8 for a portion. All salads are estimated in $7, sanvdichi - in 9, soups - on $7, paste - 12, $5 stand (portion) any of four kinds of pies. The top hall of a bar works 24 hours a day. The bottom hall - with 17 to 5 o`clock in the morning. Live music sounds daily, with 19. 30 to 00. 30.

the restaurant Address: the B. Cherkassk lane, 8. Phone: (095 298 - 46 - 88.