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Results of session ASEAN

the Child was born, now it should be brought up

Yesterday to Moscow from Bangkok head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyrev who was there at the first international forum on safety in Asian - Pacific region (ATR) has returned. The forum was preceded by two-day session of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of member countries of Association of the states Jugo - East Asia (ASEAN). If in sessions ASEAN Russia participated in quality of the advisory partner at a forum it has acted as the participant equal in rights (as, however, and 18 countries all others).

As a rule, on aseanovskih meetings their participants under the private arrangement try to avoid fierce disputes - for the sake of a celebration of spirit of constructivism . But this time disputes were - around East - the Asian economic committee (EAEC) which, according to ASEAN, should become The engine of free trade in region . Partners ASEAN adhere to other point of view - committee - de will compete to the Organization Asian - Pacific economic cooperation (ATES), created in the similar purposes five years ago. In their opinion, the countries ATR should operate within the limits of ATES and be guided thus by principles GATT. And in the rest negotiations on economic problems (basically reduced to discussion of questions of interaction of various regional trading organisations) proceeded at complete unanimity of participants.
various opinions have sounded at a meeting and concerning acceptance in ASEAN Cambodia, Laos and Burma. If Vietnam which had till now the status of the observer, it has been decided to enter into structure ASEAN at following summit almost unanimously and without references to its communistic past to its neighbours certain doubts expressed. Cambodia (which eventually has received the status of the visitor) have softly reproached with political instability, Burma - in infringement of human rights, and to Laos have delicately specified in backwardness of an economic infrastructure. Nevertheless it has officially been declared that in ASEAN to them will be glad.
in a forum on the safety, finished a meeting in Bangkok, 18 heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which at session have seated in alphabetic order their countries that nobody has taken offence have taken part. Russia has suggested to discuss a question on development of the code of traffic in arms and creation of two centres - on prevention of conflicts in Asia and on strategic researches. Such approach quite answers idea of formation of qualitatively new regional structure of safety in which the USA, China and Europe will join the countries ATR. But, as speak in the east, the main thing, that the child (that is the forum) was born, and its education - future business. For what ministers have agreed to make similar meetings annual.