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Habitation building in Moscow

On Sivashsky the housing estate

by the Most widespread in Moscow the scheme of building of habitation commercial structures will be constructed future sales to investors still not constructed apartments are. Inconvenience of similar schemes that firms quite often begin fund raising already during preparation of the predesign documentation. At this stage quite often there are unexpected problems which slow down, and sometimes reduce on is not present all project. Therefore the most comprehensible schemes of attraction of investments under already begun building - more guarantees of reception of habitation look. Realisation of the such project is begun yesterday in Sivashsky street by the company JUnisstroj .

the Majority of projects of commercial building of habitation hangs Already at a stage of registration of the design and allowing documentation, and only in single instances firms manage to start building. Often firms start to collect means for building yet without having neither the ground area lease contract, nor the project which has passed examination. And the in itself order about tap of the ground area does not mean that objects when - or will be constructed. Practically any of stages following it can compel to refuse firm project realisation.
for example, at delivery of permissions to leading of communications to firm can give point of connection so far from object to networks that as a result project cost will increase several times, and it becomes obviously unprofitable. Project examination in Moskomprirode and other committees can demand its full processing. And results of researches of a ground can show that building in general is impossible.
the Housing estate in the Sivashsky street which building is conducted by firm JUnisstroj will consist of three 17 - floor houses with uninhabited premises on the ground floors. The firm will receive after end of building of 55 % of the areas. To start building, the company needed 2,5 years. For today habitation cost in houses on Sivashsky makes $650 for 1 2 a total area that approximately on 20 - 25 % below current cost of ready habitation in this area. Buyers can drive in apartments in 1995. In case the investor grants all sum for apartment payment at a time, the price will not be indexed. However the variant of instalments with payment of an initial payment at a rate of 40 % is provided also. Indexation of the remained sum will be spent according to rise in price of cost of building.
the Project on Sivashsky looks quite real - building is already begun, as the guarantor of the project the bank acts, and basically investors can count on performance by firm of the obligations. The unique doubtful moment there are terms of building which as shows experiment, considerably exceed originally defined in 80 % c.