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Deliveries of pesticides from Japan

Japanese have begun 10 years undertook the Russian wreckers of fields

Almost it was required to a Japanese preparation of protection of plants from insects Bancol for introduction on the Russian fields. Yesterday Japanese firm Nichimen Corporation has begun contract on delivery realisation in four Russian areas of the first 16 tons of a preparation.

Debut Bancol in the Russian market name 1985 when Soviet Union was the first trial lots of a product are bought. The basic advantage of a preparation, according to experts, total absence of accustoming to it of insects whereas other similar preparations through 6 - 7 years, and sometimes and in a year - two, are already inefficient is practically. Besides, Japanese Bancol, widely applied in Europe already more than 10 years, malotoksichen also have high ecological indicators. Despite obvious advantages of a new preparation, large purchases and have not followed. Developed in the former Union and passed in the inheritance of Russia the system of carrying out of the centralised purchases of protection frames of plants on the state grants, in market conditions could not function to the full. As an example it is possible to name purchase of similar preparations under the state order of 1993 which has brought agrohimeksportu to the executor of the order, the losses expressed in tens millions of dollars. Default by the state of the obligations on payment of purchases became a principal cause of it.
despite danger of repetition of the same situation in 1994, clear advantages of a Japanese preparation, sharp requirement for protection frames of plants for agriculture, and also the guarantees given by the government on payment of purchases have induced agrohimeksport to conclude the contract with Japanese firm Nichimen Corporation. The first 16 tons of the bought preparation are intended for four Russian areas (Bryansk, Oryol, Kaluga and Tula), the most suffered from failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station.
in plans Nichimen Corporation realisation of deliveries of a preparation in small packaging from 100 to 2000 gramme (norm of pollination - 200 gramme on 1 hectare), intended for personal part-time farms. As to the last in 1994 Goshimkomissija and Ministry of Health of Russia have resolved similar use of this preparation. For certain it should affect and the general structure of sales. Thus cost gektarnoj norms of a new preparation is approximately identical with production imported earlier. Therefore at relative availability of a preparation to private traders, introduction Bancol on the Russian market can go, passing the state structures and without dependence from budgetary grants.