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Exhibition in the Literary museum

Babel remained a legend of Russian prose

In a year of century of Isaaka Babel the Literary museum has opened an exhibition devoted to creativity of the writer. Among exhibits there are the rare manuscripts and photos, curiosities. NIKOLAY tells about Babel - KLIMONTOVICH.

Babel - one of legendary figures of literature 30 - h years. The set of the apocryphal stories which have strongly entered into mythology of the Soviet literature is connected with his name. From Babel`s hand the story that in 1916 it has undergone to suit for infringement in the press of rules of decency is extended. If it was truth would look rather strange: literary norms “ a silver age “ did not differ Puritanism, and “ seductive “ things of Andreeva, Artsybasheva or Kuzmin have accustomed public to tolerance.
Then the young author has been noticed Bitter which has begun to watch formation of young talent, and in 1919 has blest him to go “ in people “. It is surprising that at the time of “ Untimely thoughts “ and closings of its newspaper by Bolsheviks, Bitter recommended to the author in whom took part, to go to entrenchments of civil war, and - in Budyonny`s army. After issue “ Konarmii “ the future marshal, ostensibly, expressed its author extremely negatively, and Babel, naturally, rejoiced to such advertising. Where more convincingly known jokes from which follows, however, sound that Babel`s commander at all did not read. At last, in literary circles right after  destructions of the writer (and its first reprintings have appeared in twenty years after arrest) the hearing circulated that in archives Lubjanki there was Babel`s unknown novel. Babel`s archive and is not found, about the novel there are no authentic certificates, but just this legend is better explains the reason mifologizatsii persons and destinies of the writer.
the matter is that the quantity written by Babel is not commensurable in any way with its loud and partly scandalous glory. During lifetime it has published only three thin books and two plays one of which represents transposition for its scene “ the Odessa stories “. Paustovsky in “ to the Gold rose “ remembers that as - that Babel has come to it with a portfolio, filled by manuscripts. Paustovsky extremely was delighted: at last - that Babel has written a large thing. But in a portfolio there was a huge number of variants of the unique story “ Ljubka the Cossack “. Judging by other memoirs, the question on the big pauses between Babel`s publications rose even at the First congress of the Soviet writers, and, apparently, Ilya Erenburg had to stand up for the writer, having declared that term of pregnancy at an elephant cow is a lot of more than at a doe-rabbit. Anyhow, Babel - hardly probable not the most perceptible literary figure 30 - h, and simultaneously - hardly probable the most unfruitful author of Russian literature.
Babel`s apprenticeship was short. In memory of this period there were some texts. The story “ Jesus a sin “ partly provides guidance on its early experiences - in Zamyatin`s style or Remizova. But already the first book has presented Babel as the master possessing a rare and unique manner. Success “ Konarmii “ was oglushitelen. And this with the fact that in second half 20 - h one for another left such things about Civil, as “ the Armored train “ Vsevoloda Ivanov, “ Defeat “ Fadeeva, “ Forty first “ Lavreneva, “ Cities and years “ Fedin, “ a Tchevengur “ Platonova, Leonov, Bruno Jasensky`s novels, Pilnjaka, Bulgakov, all you will not list. But even on this bright background “ Konarmija “ it was clearly allocated, and differently than to Gogol benevolent to the author of criticism the book did not compare. Without undertaking to allocate components of this success, we will tell only that ekzotichnost the material as it is perceived today then it was possible to put safely on last place: civil war and terror were a recent reality.
, perhaps, only hero - the story-teller - the young intellectual - the four-eyes from a family of the Odessa Jew - the dealer, brought up on the Talmud, ended Commercial school, the person book and not military, besides - the romanticist perceiving life as " was freakish for this reality; a blossoming meadow in May on which women and horses " go;. On this contrast the book also is constructed: The hero is absolutely inappropriate among crowd konnoarmejtsev, reminding more likely a gang of the anarchists trained in Bolshevist phraseology. But such hero appears ideal letopistsem military everyday life and frightening feats of the seminormal brother-soldiers, seeing occurring with almost painful relefnostju, and describing - with dazzling brightness. If Babel has left after itself only this small book, and then it, undoubtedly, would enter into a pantheon of the Russian literature. But it - also the singer of the pre-revolutionary Odessa Moldavian. In well-known “ the Odessa stories “ which all - that four, the writer has intruded in a genre of the gangster story in style About ` Henry, but, certainly, has transformed it beyond recognition, having alloyed with the Odessa folklore and having dawned upon spirit of the Jewish joke in the literary processing, reminding Sholom Alejhema. Much from this that is written by Babel, got abruptly mixed up on a healthy sensuality (not without reason he considered as Maupassant`s teacher), including some late autobiographical short stories. Perhaps, “ naturalistichnost “ Babel at total absence moralizatorstva does its manner of Russian literature so unusual in a context. Despite Judaic education, Babel has won its Black Sea origin and it is distinct “ ellinskoe “ perception of the world: “ In Odessa each young man while he did not marry, wants to become the captain of distant swimming; all trouble that in Odessa we marry with surprising persistence “.