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! The Central Bank has let out collection coins

the Central Bank has presented to foreign numismatists Russian ballet

Since June, 7th in the reference memorable coins of a series " arrive; Russian ballet Russia let out by the Central bank. A series Russian ballet is issued since 1989 and is one of the most well-known series of collection coins of modern Russia.

a Series Russian ballet 1994 - most volume of all previous releases. In the reference it is let out 15 coins of various face value executed from silver, gold, platinum and a palladium (see the table). On the backs of silver coins there are relief images of a dancing ballet duet, and on gold, platinum and palladievyh coins - ballerinas (images are various for each advantage of metal and face value of coins). Coins are intended for sale in territory of Russia and abroad at collection cost, however can be used and quality of means of payment (in Russia coins are obligatory to reception face value in all kinds of payment without restrictions).
According to experts of firm Internumismatics about 70 % of the let out coins it will be exported and realised abroad. At least, practice of last releases shows that a series Russian ballet (illustrating, on expression of experts of firm, one of the most considerable achievements of Russia ) uses steady demand among collectors of the USA and of some the European countries.