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The claim to the Minister of Health

the Head physician expelled with submachine gunners

Yesterday in the Tver intermunicipal court of Moscow the first hearing under the claim of the former head physician of Republican clinical hospital #1 (the former hospital 4 - go Central administrative board of Ministry of Health) Yury Ogneva to Minister of Health Edward Nechaevu has begun. Ognev demands to reinstate it from which it has been dismissed by the order of the minister from May, 10th for financially - economic infringements.

Edward Nechaev on hearings was not, having sent as the entrusted representatives of the assistants Vasily Agapov and Alexander Tsaregorodtseva. In court they have declared that in November, 1993 in hospital audit has been spent. It has revealed considerable infringements in financially - hospital economic activities and consequently Minister of Health Edward Nechaev on May, 10th this year has signed the order for dismissal of Ogneva.
Yury Ognev has informed the Correspondent that it has been appointed to the post head physician RKB #1 in August of last year. As he said, all infringements which are made to it, have been made up until that time. In particular, large debts against hospital of the most prestigious branches lux . In turn, to this branch have run into debt 10 million rbl. of two certain Daghestanis which have not paid the treatment in hospital in June - July, 1993. Yury Ognev also has explained that charges in illegal payments on payment fund also are groundless. As he said, to the salary employees of hospital received an increase not from the means listed by Ministry of Health, and at the expense of the commercial activity RKB concluding the contracts on medical service with a number of the organisations. On court lawyer Alexander Gofshtejn representing interests of Ogneva, also has declared that at dismissal of the head physician the trade union consent that breaks the labour legislation has not been received.
According to representatives of the head physician after the order for dismissal has been signed, Ognev has refused to leave the workplace. On May, 18th the bus has approached on a hospital building with the armed people in masks. They have disarmed security guards from firm the Alpha - service (created by the former employees of special division the Alpha ) Also have come into a building. But for Ogneva the hospital personnel has interceded, and to deduce it from an office it was not possible.
Yury Ognev considers as the Principal cause of the dismissal discontent of Ministry of Health with its project of reconstruction of hospital which provided aktsionirovanie RKB several Moscow banks and full refusal of state financing. The former head physician was supported by the Moscow Committee on a science and technologies and the certain French firm, promising to give out the interest-free credit at a rate of $15 million However to Ministry of Health, under the statement of Ogneva, was unprofitable to lose own hospital and to pass to contractual relations with financially independent RKB.
According to some information, on one of sessions of the tripartite commission of the government on settlement of labour relations at this point in question discussion it has been noticed that in case the court will satisfy the claim of Ogneva, The tripartite commission has the right to bring the government an attention to the question on clearing of Nechaeva from a post of the Minister of Health .
will return to this theme after judgement removal.