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Quotations of bank debts

Among debtors too are reliable

Yesterday current quotations of the interbank debts exposed on sale in bill centre Tveruniversalbanka have been declared. The event within a week decrease in quotations of some bills was accompanied by increase almost half volumes of the debts exposed on sale.

If in the middle of July volumes of the interbank debts exposed on sale, have increased only on 2 mlrd roubles for the past week their growth has made 17,1 mlrd (or on 43 %), and a total sum of debts has reached 57,1 mlrd roubles. The quantity of debtors - " has increased also; the black list has replenished at once with five banks. Among them and such known enough, as MABI and the First Russian independent bank. And the initial course of the transaction under the credit contract with bank MABI makes 100 % from face value of a debt.
Not so raduzhny hopes at creditors of bank Vorontsovsky Izdatbanka, Geolbanka, Kardbanka and some other. For example, quotations on one of bills (truth, for the small sum) bank Vorontsovsky have fallen at once to 60 points and have made only 15 % from face value. And though the course of other debts of this bank higher (see the table), sharp decrease in quotations under one bill visually testifies about true states of affairs in Vorontsovsky .