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The chief the Torch has bowled off

Kominternovsky court of Voronezh has sentenced the former chief of football club the Torch (nowadays the Torch - Voronezh ) Valery Suhoverkova and chief accountant FK Galina Koshevar by two years of a colony, recognising as their guilty of assignment of money of club. Both punishments condemned are released from serving on amnesty from 2000 in honour of 55 - letija Victories. With details   - the correspondent both #132; and #147; CYRIL of MOSQUITOES.       criminal case concerning a management of football club the Torch it has been raised by regional government on struggle against the organised crime in 2001 on check materials kontrolno - auditing management of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region. Check of an expenditure of budgetary funds of football club has begun after the regional authorities have reduced financing the Torch and heads FK began to ask allocation of additional means. Instead of money to them have sent auditors.
      as a result of business it has been raised in Valery Suhoverkova`s relation which was chief FK Torch in 1993 - 1998, and the chief accountant of club of Galina Koshevar (originally the bookkeeper passed on business as the witness). To them it was incriminated about 50 episodes of assignment of money of club for a total sum of 1,2 million roubles and accusation under two articles UK   has been brought; - Assignment or waste and Abusing powers .
      According to charge, in 1997 Valery Suhoverkov has bought medicines for football players for a total sum of 9,7 thousand not denominated roubles. During that moment in club cash desk there was no money, and mister Suhoverkov has paid for medicines from own pocket. The chief accountant Galina Koshevar has credited medicines for the sum of 13,5 thousand not denominated roubles. According to the investigation, the part of medicines has been bought personally for madam Koshevar, and between the paid and credited money defendants have divided a difference among themselves. During judicial sessions both defendants recognised themselves guilty only that the part of medicines for which the club should pay off with mister Suhoverkovym, has been bought personally for the chief accountant.
      besides the defendant incriminated episodes with an overpayment to pilots of the company Voronezhavia which carried a command on gathering to Cyprus and on the championships in other cities of the country. Also Valery Suhoverkov and Galina Koshevar were accused that the chief of a command bought the form, balls and other equipment, and the chief accountant has credited these purchases with much great sums, than it has been paid. However on all other episodes both defendants did not recognise the fault.
      yesterday the court on this business, begun one and a half years ago, has come to the end. The judge of Kominternovsky court of Voronezh Anatoly Chernyh has read a sentence. The court recognised Valery Suhoverkova and Galina Koshevar partially guilty only in two of 50 shown episodes and has sentenced to two years of imprisonment under article Assignment or waste . However, having referred to the amnesty declared by the State Duma on the occasion of 55 - letija Victories in the Great Patriotic War, the court has released both condemned from an execution of the punishment.

Smolensk the Crystal have limited in means
the Smolensk authorities have decided to reduce financing of local football club the Crystal (the first league) which founders are regional administration, NPO the Crystal the mayoralty of Smolensk and association Smolensk brilliants . After a meeting with governor Victor Maslov director FK Nikolay Ermakov has informed that the sum of 76 million rbl. made a reservation From them on 30 million should allocate a city and area, and 16 million club should earn independently, but now it decided to reduce financing from area and city budgets . We will essentially reduce budgetary financing of football club, this year I will be allocated only 10 million rbl. I think, smoljane us will understand   - governor Maslov who is the president of club has declared. It was supported also by general director NPO the Crystal Yury Rebrik. Earlier the governor came up with idea that it is necessary to be defined that it is more important   - to contain a soccer team or to spend this money for development of mass sports . Together with reduction of financing to club have lowered also problems which need to be realised in the present championship of the first league. According to mister Ermakova, the command in the first circle should enter into first ten. Earlier, when the governor of the Smolensk region and president FK the Crystal There was Victor Maslov`s predecessor the great admirer of football Alexander Prokhorov, from a command demanded at least to enter into a three of prize-winners of the first league.