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Alexander Rumjantsev: while us do not start up on market OJAT

IAEA conference

Yesterday in Vienna the international conference on safety of radioactive sources has opened. The purpose of the forum organised by IAEA at the initiative of Russia and the USA, - to order the reference with such sources, which are widely applied in various branches of an economy (for example, in medicine) to exclude possibility of their hit in hands of terrorists. About Russia wants to achieve what in this area, and also the minister of atomic energy of the Russian Federation has told about prospects of cooperation with other countries in nuclear sphere in interview to the correspondent to ALENA - KORNYSHEVOJ ALEXANDER RUMJANTSEV yesterday.
- how much seriously problem of safety of radioactive sources costs for Russia and what here it is possible to undertake?
- At us unlike republics of the former Soviet Union work with radioactive sources like is adjusted. Though there were cases when the thrown sources immured in concrete at building. However till now the amendment to the fifth article of the law " is not accepted; About atomic energy which would establish the proprietor of these sources and its responsibility. I will explain. The current legislation allows to buy and sell to legal bodies of any pattern of ownership radioactive sources (Ministry of Atomic Energy, for example, sells set of sources to physicians and experts of other areas). But at law drawing up have forgotten to mention that the same proprietor who has bought should bear responsibility for already used sources and used this source. Now in the law of it is not present, and consequently the proprietor has the right to throw out a source on a dump, and responsibility for it will bear the state. Last year the Duma has approved the corresponding amendment, but Council of federation of it has rejected that for me was a bolt from the blue. Now over the amendment the conciliatory commission works, and I hope that it will be accepted. As to our tripartite initiative about other countries (it last year Russia, the USA and IAEA), here conference just have put forward and will help to develop the mechanism of actions. I will remind that the initiative has been directed to the aid of republics on space of the former Soviet Union in revealing and safe storage of ownerless radioactive sources. The Minister of Energy of the USA Spenser Abraham on conferences has suggested to extend this initiative and to other countries which not in a condition to watch safety of such sources.
- the problem of the reference with radioactive sources has risen especially sharply after events on September, 11th. Whether terrorists can build a bomb, using ownerless radioactive sources?
- Certainly, no. But behind sources normal control should be adjusted, the database is created, the system of checks is fulfilled - that always it was possible to look, as well as where they are stored.
- time we talk about safety, it is necessary to notice concern of Americans concerning building of nuclear station by Russia in Iran. You discussed this theme at negotiations with Spenserom Abrahamom?
- This theme at our negotiations is present always. I can tell that positions of both parties have not changed.
- as Russia has reacted to plans of Iran to make own nuclear fuel for under construction station in Bushere in connection with opening of deposits of uranium?
- Deposits are opened for a long time already, is simple recently about them again have remembered. Now Iran not in a condition to make such fuel, it does not possess such capacities. And as to the future deliveries of fuel from Russia we are in process of the coordination of the text of the agreement on unconditional return of the fulfilled fuel to Russia.
- today you sign a number of agreements from the USA. About what?
are three agreements, and all of them concern stops of our reactors making plutonium, - in Severske and in Zheleznogorsk. It is discussed for a long time, but we cannot stop them, without having created replacing capacities. The given agreements will designate, as America will help us to create replacing capacities. It is supposed that the USA will allocate money for reconstruction teploelektrotsentrali in Severske and for building of Sosnovoborsky thermal power station near to Zheleznogorsk.
- about what sum there is a speech?
is it becomes known after signing.
- It is said that the future behind the project Brest - this reactor on fast neutrons the most reliable.
- Brest, that is the fast reactor with the lead heat-carrier, on a paper is the most reliable project. But a question in how it to make, after all the problem of oxidation of lead is not studied enough. And the nuclear station should work decades. Now the project passes examination.
- and at cost it will be more expensive present vodo - water reactors?
- Usages of sizes the same.
- and whether there are at Ministry of Atomic Energy new foreign projects? I heard, what Russia is going to build the new atomic power stations in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and even in Vietnam?
- With Bulgaria negotiations are carried on. Yes, words about building and modernisation of existing blocks are said. But there is a problem in mutual relations of Bulgaria with the European Union - as the European Union will concern it. With Kazakhstan all is simple enough - it was declared by presidents. Ministry of Atomic Energy will analyze. And the civil-engineering design of the atomic power station on lake Balkhash not new, it was discussed from Soviet period. With Vietnam while clearness is not present. Vietnameses say that annually return Russia a public debt, and suggest more it not to return, and on this money to build the atomic power station. It is frivolous. Russia does not presume neither such scheme, nor delivery of soft loans. So this project while in a discussion stage.
- and what with import of the fulfilled nuclear fuel?
- While us on - former do not start up on this market. We take away the fuel, and foreign so while gramme and have not imported. Though many were afraid that Russia will fill up with stranger OJAT. While it has not occurred.